‘I opened door in sexy latex after delivery man recognised me from Babestation’

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    A glamorous model gave her delivery driver the shock of his life after opening her front door wearing sexy latex and chains.

    The DHL worker had previously told Roxxy Clark that he thought he recognised her from Babestation – something she was reluctant to confirm.

    But her cover was later blown when she had no choice but to answer the door in a kinky outfit after he insisted she had to sign for her parcel in person.

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    Roxxy, 37, was in the middle of a saucy webcam session when the mortifying moment happened. Having recently moved address, she spoke to Daily Star about the bonkers incident.

    She said: “He had been to my door a couple of times and I was always polite to him and he was really nice and then one random day he goes ‘I really recognise you from somewhere’.

    “He started asking questions like ‘are you local here’ and he then came round again and said ‘I know where you’re from, you work for Babesation’ and I was like ‘oh my god this is so awkward’… he is at my house and telling me this.

    “I tried to change the subject and I didn’t answer but he obviously knew and then every time I had a delivery he would insist that I needed to sign for it and I would be like ‘no just leave it at the door I’m working, I don't need to sign for it’.”

    The next time the bloke arrived with a parcel he insisted he needed a signature. But Roxxy, who rejoined Babesation last December after four years away from the industry, was covered in latex.

    The mum-of-one said it took her an hour to get the rubbery material on and she wasn’t prepared to take it off mid webcam session.

    Giggling, she said: “I thought you know what, I am not covering up, it took ages to get on and it was a really hot day as well. I was speaking to him from a Google ring door thing and I said ‘you’re going to regret this and don’t say I didn’t warn you’.

    “The cam lot I was on with were laughing their heads off and I kept the speaker on so it was really funny. I am making money on cam while this delivery driver is being an absolute pig.

    “Anyway I went to the door and answered it and you should have seen his face drop, I was covered in latex, chains, the lot. I was like ‘mate, what do you expect’? It just confirmed what he thought was true.

    “He couldn’t say anything and he literally just said ‘eh your parcel needs signing for and eh are you having a good day’ and I went ‘yep thank you’.

    “He could tell I was annoyed but the next time he came to my door he just smiled and nothing was mentioned about it at all.

    “That was the first time something like that had happened and considering I have been in the industry a long time I thought I would get recognised a lot more, but it has only been my delivery driver.”

    Roxxy, who lives in Hastings, has since moved home and is relieved that her embarrassing encounters with the driver are over. And despite being fed up of constantly being asked to sign things, she believes the worker was harmless.

    She explained: “At some points I was thinking enough is enough now but to be fair he turned out to be a nice guy. I used it to my advantage in the end and if I wasn’t genuinely there he would leave my parcels which was really cute.

    “But other than that, he didn’t seem that scary, just a bit annoying. But there are people like that who could have been scary but I didn’t get that vibe off him.

    “I am quite a private person and when I come home I don’t like people knowing what I am doing. Unless I told you what I did you for a living you wouldn’t know, it’s just funny that that was the first time I’ve ever been recognised.”

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