I did a taste test on the giant Iceland Mars Bar after searching high and low for it – whether it’s worth it | The Sun

SHE was left fuming that she wasn't told there's a new giant Mars bar ice cream in Iceland.

So, upon finding out, Melika went on a hunt for the £8 frozen treat, "panicking" as she headed to her local store in case they didn't have it.

"I need to find the giant Mars bar ice cream," she began her TikTok video.

After getting distracted by some delicious-looking spreads, Melika finally found what she'd been looking for.

"I can't believe I've found it, I'm pumped!" she exclaimed.

Coming out of the store, she said: "Look at the size of it! I'm holding it like a bouquet of flowers."

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She then delightedly took it back to the car to show her friend, as she said: "I'm really excited, look at the ooze, look at the ooze!"

"2.097 calories for the whole thing. I could take the whole thing on in one go. Oh yeah," her friend said.

With Melika adding: "I need to rush home and try it immediately!"

"No one told me about this?!" she wrote in the video caption.

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And people in the comments section were desperate to hear what she thought of the pricey dessert.

"Honest thoughts about it?" one asked.

"Because I just read the reviews and they’re…. Not great!"

"It didn’t taste anything like a mars bar ice cream," another added.

"£8 tho that’s wild," a third said.

"It wasn't the best, in my opinion," someone else commented.

"I was hoping it would taste like the small ones but it didn't."

As another agreed, writing: "It’s a bit of a disappointment in all honesty, same for Snickers."

Melika then returned to her TikTok page to share her review, as she said: "It's bigger than my head.

"So this is it – it's really large and in charge. I'm just going to burst right in.

"This is her, hand for size. This was £8 so it better be popping off.

"I literally broke my arm cutting it but this is the inside.

"It's like a very small bit of cake, some caramel and then some ice cream. But I'm going to taste it."

She pretended to pass out after taking her first bite of the treat.

"Yeah it's Mars bar ice cream, it's literally popping. Caramel, popping, little cake, popping," she gushed.

"I'd rate it like eight out of 10. I think it's popping!"

But people in the comments section were quick to point out that the Mars dessert was meant to be left to defrost before eating.

"It's meant to be fully defrosted," one wrote.

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"It says defrost in fridge for 7 hours on the box," another added.

But a third said that when you do defrost it for seven hours, it just ends up "runny".

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