I’m an estate agent – 5 things you should avoid having in your home and it’s bad news if you love rain shower heads | The Sun

A PRO estate agent has revealed the five interior choices you must avoid making to your home. 

Larry from The Gibbons Group often uses their company social media to share their top tips and tricks.

In one video, he could be seen going around a store to point out the “worst things” you can buy for your home. 

Standing in front of a shower with sliding glass doors, he said: “These shower doors that come on wheels and the wheels will clog and they will scratch and they won’t function properly after about six months.” 

Moving to another section of the store, he held a levered door handle and pushed it down several times before explaining that it would break quickly and easily in the home.

He said: “Don’t ever do it – these will break immediately.”

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Larry then called out people who have rain shower heads in their bathrooms.

Holding two different kinds, he explained: “The reason for this is you’re going to spend more time replacing the shower head than it is going to work.”

Pointing at each hole in the shower head, he added: “Because these rubber things, these rubber spouts where the water comes out – they dry up and they clog and they end up not working.” 

He then went over to a section with hanging faucets on a wall. 

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The estate agent explained that when you purchase one of these that have an extension, meaning they come out of the socket, you should be careful of what material that is made of. 

“Make sure you don’t cheap out and buy cheap ones,” he said. “Because sometimes they don’t recoil like that.

“If you buy nicer, more expensive ones, you won’t have that issue. But if you buy cheaper ones, they’ll just hang.” 

The final item on his list of buys to avoid is spring door stops as they break. 

“Only get the metal door stops, these things are indestructible,” TikTok user @therealestatefamily added. 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “i mean yeah the showerhead is doing that if you don't clean it,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

Another said: “You can and should clean a shower head sometimes.”

A third shared: “as someone who has a broken lever handle and a cheap exntended faucet that doesnt go back…”

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A fourth argued: “I trusted him until the lever handle. All the doors in my home is lever handle. I’ve been here since birth so 22 years. Still the same door handle,” alongside a crying with laughter emoji. 

While a fifth added: “As a professional cleaner, I thank you for this video.”

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