12 Products Comedian Hannah Berner Can't Live Without This Fall

When you’re on the go much as Hannah Berner is, you get very good at knowing what the essentials are, and what’s just extra. The stand-up comedian, podcast host, and content creator is gearing up to spend her fall on a theater tour across the country. “It’s chaotic, exciting, and exhausting, but at least I don’t have time to sit around and be alone with my thoughts, which can be tragic,” she muses.

With a different tour stop each week, she’s got packing her must-haves down to an art form. “I need products that are easy to travel with,” Berner shares. “I love multi-use products to lighten my load, and things that last throughout my sweaty performance. I go for anything that makes my skin look good, even though I’m on planes and probably dehydrated. I need clothes that are comfortable while also making me feel confident, even though I’m flailing inside.”

In the beauty department, the Maybelline Super Stay Up to 24HR Skin Tint is her go-to for putting her best face forward on and off the stage. “I love a skin tint because I really like to wear the least amount of makeup possible while still looking like I got more sleep than I actually did,” Berner says. “I also love that this one has vitamin C infused in it because I always forget to consistently use serums, so this tricks me into taking better care of my skin. I am also a sweaty girlie so I love knowing that I can perform with hot lights on me for over an hour and not feel like my makeup has melted off.”

And when it comes to clothes, Berner notes she’s very into ’90s fashion for fall. “I love everything the classic ’90s It girls wore and Iโ€™m trying to replicate their street style.”

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