Gardeners share easy way to remove ivy from the garden – and it will die instantly and not return | The Sun

ALTHOUGH ivy may look pretty across your garden fence, it can cause damage leaving many gardeners wanting to get rid of it.

The pesky plant is notorious for coming back if not taken care of properly.

Thankfully, gardeners have revealed the secret to get rid of English Ivy instantly and make sure it never comes back.

The weed can cause massive problems to buildings, fences and trees if left to its own devices.

The vines can penetrate trees and cracks in buildings and can lead to rotting if left untreated.

Similarly, the roots can dig into the wood of fences causing damage reports Barnard Fencing experts.


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Natural hacks such as boiling water can help, but many argue it doesn't do enough to get to the root of the problem.

Taking to Facebook, one avid gardener asked for advice: "What’s the best thing to kill ivy, need to get rid of in on fence and boundary walls?”

And plenty of gardeners took to the comments to share their top tips.

Many claimed you need to cut the branches at the root before digging it up.

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One suggested: “Cut at the bottom, let the branches die and then pull off (preferably in September or later due to birds nesting). 

“To actually stop it from coming back, dig dig dig, the roots spread and you’ll likely pull up ivy shoots for years, but small shoots are easily managed.”

Another recommended: "Cut it at the base, dig out the root and the ivy on the fence will permanently die pretty quickly and never come back. 

“Once dead pull it off your fence. It’s less likely to damage the fence if you are able to wait and let it die off.”

A third added: "Cut it off at the base, pull as much off as you can and the rest will die off. Then you need to dig up the roots. It's the only way to get rid of this plant forever.”

Another revealed their ivy would never have gone if they hadn't used this method.

“I would have never got rid of mine without digging up the roots and I’ve had loads to get rid of. It was a nightmare but now free of it," they wrote.

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