This is how you can use a household object to make a hotel room alarm

I’m a flight attendant – this is how you can use an everyday household object to make a makeshift hotel room alarm 

  • Cici, 51, from Florida said the trick means you will hear intruders ‘loud and clear’ 

A flight attendant has shared the ultimate tip to make you feel safe when staying in a hotel on holiday.

While jet-setting can be exciting for many, for some sleeping in an unfamiliar place makes them feel vulnerable to possible dangers. 

To help people feel comfortable, flight attendant Cici from Florida, US, has shared how to create a makeshift hotel alarm with an unlikely household object.

The 51-year-old TikToker, who goes by @cici.inthesky, showed her followers how using a hotel ironing board can be used to alert you to intruders.

The travel pro detailed how you can carefully perch your ironing board against the wall, positioned at a square angle to your door.

Flight attendant, Cici, from Florida (pictured)  showed her viewers how you can create an intruder alarm with a the most unlikely object – an ironing board

An ironing board isn’t the only tool you can use to better protect yourself from intruders, there is the hander and towel method as well as portable door locks

This means if anyone tries to nudge the door or open it the board will crash on to the floor, making it ‘loud and clear’ an unwelcomed guest has entered.

You can also use the towel or hanger technique to secure your boudoir, however, according to CiCi, they do not work for every door.

To successfully accomplish the hanger technique you must insert the hook of the hanger between the door and it’s frame.

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Then you should proceed to tug the hanger towards your body to generate tension. When done right, this hack can stop people getting into your room even if they have a key.

The towel method is somewhat similar to the hanger trick. Doing it correctly means vigorously nestling your hotel towel between the door and its frame.

You should ensure the towel is on the bottom of the door, meaning when done effectively, it will make it harder for an intruder to get the door ajar.

However, alternatives are available if the iron board hack, as well as the hanger and towel techniques are still leaving you feel vulnerable and paranoid.

You can use a door wedge to stop the door from opening from the inside or better yet you can buy a portable door lock.

A portable lock can easily be purchased from online marketplaces such as Amazon. 

Often portable locks will have a metal plate which the existing door lock can fit into. Then an additional metal plate site on the back of the door.

This means someone would have to manually tear down your door in order to get intrude on your hotel stay.

It comes as last year it was revealed that ‘violence against another person’ was the most commonplace crime reported in UK hotels, according to CNBC.

Brian Moore, the operations director for Global Secure Accreditation, a hotel security consultancy firm, described hotels as ‘magnets for crime’.  

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