I’m a skincare whizz – 3 mistakes you’re making that are giving you wrinkles & why you must stop drinking from a straw | The Sun

A SKINCARE whizz has revealed the three everyday mistakes you’re making that are giving you wrinkles.

So if you want to look young, you’ll need to pay attention.

Posting on social media, Dr. Lin Humble revealed the three things you must stop doing if you want youthful-looking, wrinkle-free skin.

She said: “Three everyday habits that are giving you more wrinkles.

“One – not wearing sunglasses outside will give you wrinkles on your forehead and around your eyes.

“Two – drinking out of straws will give you wrinkles around your mouth.

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“Three – looking down on your phone will give you wrinkles on your neck.”

She then explained: “These are all minor habits that can speed up the ageing process over time… 

“Try to avoid such procedures.

“Prevention is key.” 

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According to Nakin Skincare, sunglasses do a particularly important job in keeping our eyes healthy, as they can protect them from the sun's damaging UV rays. 

Therefore, if you want to protect the skin around your eyes from wrinkling, sunglasses are a must on a sunny day.

Cutis Laser Clinics explained that using straws and drinking from water bottles can also contribute to wrinkles and fine lines, especially on the area around the mouth.

When it comes to looking down at your phone, M1 Beauty claimed that when looking down at our phones, we bend our neck forward, forming and deepening horizontal wrinkles across the thin skin of the neck. 

Next time you reach for your smartphone, make sure to hold it as high as you can to keep your neck upright and your skin looking fresh and young.

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @dr.linhumblemd, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 895,400 views.

One person said: “Thank you so much for sharing this information.” 

Another added: “So true.” 

A third commented: “Purchasing sunglasses now.”

Whilst someone else posted: “This is literally the reason I wear sunglasses religiously.” 

Meanwhile, another admitted: “I have 3 habits to break. It’s gonna be hard to watch TT from now on.”

At the same time, one user shared: “Wrinkles are a part of age! Sad to say, we can’t prevent wrinkles!”

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To this, Dr. Lin responded: “Yes, they are inevitable. However, you could always slow down the ageing process.” 

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