‘Tubes were everywhere’ – inside Charlotte Dawson’s terrifying 48 hours as baby is rushed to hospital

Charlotte Dawson has shared an insight to the terrifying 48-hours she experienced, as her baby son was rushed to A&E.

The 31-year-old TV personality updated fans on the condition of her three-month-old Jude, after he was diagnosed with RSV bronchitis.

Charlotte said she is expected to be in the hospital with Jude for a week, as he has been using a feeding and oxygen tube.

The mum-of-two, who is the daughter of late comedian and actor Les Dawson, revealed that mother's should "always trust" their instincts, as doctors originally sent her home believing Jude just had a cold.

She said: "Thank god we went up to hospital at the right time and the nurses and doctors have been amazing, got him straight on oxygen. We will be here until next week, but we are in the right place and in safe hands."

Charlotte added: "Just got to focus on him getting better now so scary when they are so little and seeing him with all these tubes on him, don’t want to let go of him."

Speaking to her fans on her Instagram stories, she said that after less than three hours sleep she woke up to Jude "screaming" after he pulled his feeding tube out.

She said that the doctors don't want to "take 10 steps back" by putting the feeding tube back in, so he is now back being fed by Charlotte.

She said: "So that's one positive, he's off the feeding tube. That's good. They lowered his oxygen but they've had to put it back up.

"So just going to have to see how he gets on today but Noah's on his way. I can't wait to see him and I think Jude will love seeing him as well. So I'm excited."

Charlotte then shared a sweet video of her eldest son, Noah, visiting her and his younger brother in hospital after being apart for "two days and two nights."

In the video, posted to her Instagram grid, Noah can be seen asking "Mummy what's that?" and pointing to the oxygen tube, before kissing his brother on the forehead.

She added: "I finally got to see my biggest baby boy today I know I’ve only been away from him for two days and nights but that’s a lot for us, he’s my bestest friend.

"It was so nice to be reunited just not great circumstances Noah hated seeing his baby brother like this, he can’t wait to have him home and better. I got to go home for an hour and have a bath thanks to my mama/nanny trace for looking after Jude for an hour, can’t wait to all be home as a family soon."

The Celebs Go Dating star welcomed Jude with fiancée Matt Sarsfield at the end of July 2023. The couple already shared a son, Noah, together who was born in January 2021.

After having her two boys, Charlotte has been vocal about her battle with trolls, who have previously phoned social services about her children.

She has revealed that she is “baffled” by the accusations made about her, which came just two weeks after the birth of her latest child, and spoke of the impact it has had on her mental health.

Charlotte said someone had contacted social services, accusing her of giving her two-year-old son Noah alcohol and showing his genitals on social media.

Speaking on her Instagram story, she said: “Chazza has not had a happy Monday. Mine has been horrendous, awful. You know they say it comes in threes, bad news, doesn’t it? So I’ve had three bad news today.

“One of them is social services again. Saying that Noah is drunk and he’s been seen with drink. The next one is that they’re worried for our sons because there’s excessive alcohol. I’ve not even drank once, I’ve not even been out of the house. I’m breastfeeding.

“I know you can have a wine when you’re breastfeeding. I’ve not even had any drink, I’m just absolutely baffled. The next one is I’m showing his genitals on Instagram. I’m so baffled, I just don’t understand.”

In another post in which she is pictured cuddling Jude, she said: “I feel like my head is going to fall off. I feel like my baby bubble has been popped.

“This person hates me being happy. I literally had a baby two weeks ago. Is there any need? Why would you want to stress somebody out that has just had a baby?”

She added: “The social services lady was lovely on the phone. Obviously she closed the case down immediately. She was just ringing me to warn me, really, that they rang again, through the NSPCC which is child abuse, wow. My boys are my life. I eat, sleep, look after them, and that’s it at the moment.”

“It really does get to me, it makes me upset, it makes me depressed and heartbroken, really, because I’m literally trying my best. Why me? Why are you wasting time ringing me when social services have actual families who need help and support? It baffles me. I don’t get it.

“This person will not stop until something really bad happens to me.”

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