Plumber reveals how to unblock clogged drains without a plunger and it'll only cost you 20p | The Sun

IT'S not uncommon for household drains to become clogged, after all they have to deal with food, hair and other things that could cause a blockage every day.

But if bleach or other drain unblocker products don't work it can be costly to call out a plumber.

That's why the experts from Flowtec have shared a few simple tricks anyone can try to save some money and keep things running smoothly.

Speaking to, the pros shared how homeowners can save money by removing clogs – and you won't need a plunger.

Hot water

If you're kitchen sink drain is blocked there's a good chance it could be because of fat, food scraps or even soap scum.

If that's the case, pouring hot water directly down the drain can help "dislodge" them without having to fork out for any pricey products.



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However, this hack will only work for small blockages and anything more "serious" including hair or dirt.

That said it's a good first port of call if you aren't sure how bad the blocked drain is.

The pro warned: " “Be aware that when pouring hot water, this can push the clog deeper into your pipes, making the clog more difficult to reach.”

Drain Snake

A drain snake is an efficient way to to remove blockages and is a good tool if you it's further down in the drain.

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The tool works be lightly scraping the walls of the pipes while also breaking up any fibres and larger substances.

The expert recommended only using this method if you're "confident" using it, otherwise this might be one for the professionals.

Baking soda and white vinegar

When mixed with white vinegar, baking soda is the perfect trick to remove blockages.

And since most households already have both ingredients in the back of their cupboards it's incredibly cost effective too.

Simply add one cup of baking soda to the drain followed by an equal amount of white vinegar.

The concoction will start to fizz as it makes it's way down the drain and should remove any small obstructions.

"As bicarbonate of soda and vinegar react, they fizzle and expand. 

“The pressure from the expanding mixture pushes the clog down as it moves along.

"The solution also helps to remove soap scum that often sticks to drains," the exert explained.

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