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A CABIN crew member has revealed why direct flights aren't always the best option to take, especially on long-haul journeys.

Some people might think that getting a trip over and done with in one go is the best solution to avoid feeling grim after flights.

However, adding in more travel could actually be beneficial, according to a flight attendant.

Emirates crew member, Sharlene Lowe said that passengers should consider breaking up their journey if they want to avoid jet lag or to add an extra element to their trip.

She said: "Add in a stopover on your journey if you can.

"It’s a great way to stay refreshed on long-haul flights, and if you stopover somewhere amazing, you can take in the activities and sights."

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Sharlene also recommends some other more conventional ways to avoid feeling tired and run down during her flights.

These include eating the right meals and avoiding certain drinks.

She continued: "Opt for light and easily digestible meals before you fly to prevent discomfort during the journey.

"I would also recommend limiting your caffeine consumption to maintain hydration and sleep quality."

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When it comes to picking seats, for Sharlene, there's none better than the window seats, which she claims are the best for sleeping in.

However, she understands why others have different preferences.

She added: "I prefer having a window seat so I can rest my head against it to get a better sleep.

"However, I know others who prefer sitting by the aisle so they can easily get up and move around the plane without disturbing the passengers around them."

Once she's in the air, Sharlene makes sure that she looks after herself to stay comfortable, healthy and hydrated, with the dry cabin air often causing problems for passengers and staff.

Her first tip is to wear comfortable clothing and coming prepared for changes in temperature.

She said: "I would suggest wearing loose, breathable fabrics and bringing a couple of extra layers of clothes with you.

"Sometimes the aircraft temperature can be slightly colder or warmer than you expect, so it’s best to be prepared for changing temperatures to ensure your comfort throughout the journey."

While the plane is flying, Sharlene said that It’s important to "keep your blood flowing and prevent stiffness by moving and stretching regularly during long periods of being seated".

This is another reason why she prefers flights with layovers to long haul ones that fly directly to the destination.

She continued: "With layovers you can stay active by taking short walks or doing light exercises to keep your body active and reduce fatigue."

Whether she's flying direct or with a stopover, Sharlene always makes sure she has a couple of items that increase her comfort on board the plane.

She said: "A trusty neck pillow and earplugs are a must on long-haul flights.

"Additionally, I recommend taking a small bottle of moisturiser with you to keep your skin hydrated, as the long journey and cold aircraft temperature can dry out your skin."

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