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A TRAVEL expert has revealed a neat little hack to save money while travelling around Rome.

Jasmine Pak said that people don’t have to spend a small fortune on bottled water because the water from the nasoni is safe to drink.

Nasoni, or water fountains, can be found dotted around the Italian capital and they have water pouring out of them all day, every day.

While nasoni come in all shapes and sizes they are usually made from a cylindrical cast iron column with a a thin protruding spout midway up the post.

The name nasone, the singular form of nasoni, means ‘big nose’, nicknamed after the nose-like shape of the curved, downward-facing spout.

Jasmine, who is known on TikTok as “@Jasminebellepak” explained all to her 367,000 followers.

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She said: “If you see these fountains in Rome, they are SAFE to drink!”

Jasmine explained: “The water runs 24/7 to keep the bacteria off and the sewage clean.

“Tap water in Rome is the same water that comes out of the nasoni.”

A woman, who appeared to be a tour guide, then demonstrated how you can drink from the fountain without a water bottle.

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She put her hand over the spout forcing the jet of water upwards and she bent over to drink it.

Although it wasn’t as easy as it looked with Jasmine and her pals having a go afterwards and they managed to spray water everywhere.

In the caption Jasmine added: “We saved sooo much money in Italy because of the nasoni”.

The footage has been a big hit on the social media site, notching up 4.9million views along with 646,500 likes and nearly 1,800 comments.

Many commentators questioned if the water really was safe to drink.

One person wrote: “Yeah, I’d still buy water if you aren’t used to the local microbes in the water. It can really mess with you.”

Although another wrote in response: “I drank out of it for two weeks and no issues.”

Another person added: “My concerns are not the water but the nozzle, people touching it all day.”

A third said: “Water is tested regularly. Freshest water I ever tried.”

It appears that the water from the fountains is safe to drink, with an article on TripAdvisor saying: “It is perfectly safe and even encouraged for people to drink water out of the nasoni as the water is drawn from the aqueducts, the same sources that provide potable water to houses throughout Rome all year round.

“You’ll save money and produce less waste by drinking from the nasoni instead of buying water in plastic bottles.”

Rome was the first city in the world to introduce the idea of free, clean drinking water fountains, according to the article.

They first started appearing in the late 19th century and now there are more than 2,500 scattered about the city.

The water from the fountains is also used in the local markets and public gardens.

Elsewhere, families travelling abroad have been warned they face extra checks and could miss holiday due to little-known travel rules.

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