I made a discovery under my floorboards that was once worth millions of dollars – I'm baffled by why they were there | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER has made a shocking discovery underneath her floorboards.

She was literally floored by the findings that went back to the early 20th century and revealed that it used to be worth a fortune.

Nikki Fox (@nikkifoxxxx) shared the video with her TikTok followers.

Shining a flashlight in her attic, she lifted up a floorboard to reveal a compartment filled with checks.

"There’s a space beneath the floor in the attic of the barn," she said.

"In it, I found what appear to be checks or money orders made out to all different business/people. The oldest one I could find was 1919."

"The man that built our house was the banker in Medina, New York, which may explain all the checks but why hidden in the floor like that instead of at the safe in the bank?" she asked, confused.

In another video, Nikki provided a closer look at the checks she found.

"There's literally millions and millions of dollars worth of transactions all from 1918 to 1919," she said.

Viewers were equally fascinated with her discovery.

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"That's really odd and interesting, I love old historic stuff," said one commenter.

"They're pretty clean for being from 1919," said another, while a third joked: "I wanna come over and find stuff lol."

One viewer offered up a reason why the checks weren't stored at the bank.

"He may have made them out to people without them knowing, cashed them, kept the cash, and hid them so there was no trace," they said.

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