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A BAGGAGE expert has revealed the type of suitcase holidaymakers should use to make sure their luggage gets the star treatment.

There's nothing worse than touching down after a long flight to find out that your suitcase is damaged.

According to one baggage handler, there is one way to make sure your suitcase gets the VIP treatment.

In an article on Lifehack, baggage handler Joey Green explained how holidaymakers can keep their hold luggage safe.

Because the hold areas of a plane are often asymmetrical and cramped, it can be tiresome for baggage handlers to load suitcases that are an odd shape.

This is why baggage handlers appreciate suitcases that can help improve their process.

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Joey wrote: "The luggage that is sure to get the 'VIP' treatment (when it comes to how they are loaded) are those perfectly rectangular pieces with a hard plastic case.

"[This is] because they’re easy to stack, and gripping them isn’t difficult, which means they can be quickly stacked."

Mr Green also says soft bags can get damaged if baggage handlers are told to implement a "ground hold" during a storm.

He added: "This is when all activity on the ramp must cease and personnel return indoors for safety."

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While hard plastic suitcases will be protected from the wind and rain, softer bags, and their belongings, may end up getting soaked.

There are plenty of other ways for passengers to keep their luggage safe too, including using AirTags to track missing suitcases.

Earlier this year, TikTok user Julianna Astrid (@juliannastrid) described an Apple AirTag as a "game changer" when it came to packing.

In the video, she said: "Who else hides an Airtag in their luggage, so you can always track it in case it gets lost while travelling?"

While Apple Airtags cost around £25, other tracking devices can be found for as little as £3 on Amazon.

In 2022, Frankfurt Airport boss Stefan Schulte warned holidaymakers to avoid using black suitcases.

This is because black is a popular colour, which makes it tricky to distinguish between suitcases if they're lost.

Peter Drummond, who is Head of Baggage at air transport IT provider SITA, encouraged passengers to pack something unusual in their suitcases.

He told CN Traveller: "If you have something unusual or unique in your bag, it’s much more likely to come up as a positive match to your lost bag report and be quickly returned to you."

While it might be tempting to keep all your contact details on your luggage tag, one expert recommended only listing basic contact details.

They told USA Today: "Don't list your home address on luggage tags. Play it safe by using electronic luggage tags, or by listing only your basic contact information on a luggage tag."

This is to help passengers limit the amount of personal information they're sharing at the airport, all while ensuring their case can be returned to them if it is indeed lost.

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