What work can Virgo do? The ultimate career guide for your star sign

When you’re thinking about your future career options and trajectory, why not consult the traits and realities of your star sign?

After all, it might steer you in the direction of the work destiny tailor-made to suit you and your strengths.

Astrology can also help you reveal weaknesses you may have missed, allowing you to deal with what’s holding you back and open yourself up to new opportunities.

Virgo, step this way for some cosmic career advice, and read on…

What are Virgo’s career strengths?

An Earth sign ruled by Mercury, you are all practicality, perceptiveness, shrewdness and organisational ability. You are a natural doer and you like to think you know best (to be fair, you usually do so you need autonomy and space to operate. Being able to make everything better, to improve systems and processes, to make things ship-shape and slick is your super power. You love being in control and on top of everything and appreciated for doing a great job. You have high standards.  

You are clever, sophisticated, capable, and polite. You are model employee.  You are a Mutable sign and enjoy working in a stimulating environment where things need streamlining, organising and pinning down. You’re okay with routine, as long as it’s a routine you’ve designed.

Naturally helpful and supportive, you love to make life easier for other people and receive their authentic admiration. You do the work others can’t or won’t and they’re always pleased to see you.

All Virgos enjoy puzzling things out, solving problems, and trouble shooting inefficiency. Put yourself in positions which grant you those things and you’ll always rise to the occasion.

What are Virgo’s weaknesses at work?

Pedantry is never too far away for Virgos. You simply know best, love fact checking, are kind of obsessed with being right, and don’t like sloppy or incorrect behaviours. You have high standards for yourself too, but other people can get peed off when you step on their toes or pull them up (even if you’re right).

You are terribly hard on yourself. You have a savage inner critic and judge who undermines your every move and people would be shocked to know how harshly you talk to yourself. Try and be as supportive and kind to yours truly as you are to others. You deserve better.   

Perfectionism is a double-edged sword and your high, exacting standards can both prove impossible to meet and suck the joy/life/fun out of anything you’re involved in. Relax more, stress less. Let people do their thing and you do yours. Taker the pressure off.

Which jobs is Virgo best at?

Financial services or accountancy make great spaces for Virgos because it’s about being correct, exacting, knowledgeable, shrewd, and sophisticated. Organising numbers is big fun for you because they do as they’re told and you can be in total control of a balance sheet.

Editing, researching, teaching. Working with information is wonderful because you’re ruled by Mercury so you always want to know, understand and get under the hood of things to see how they truly work IRL. You are great at taking in, absorbing, disseminating and sharing information.

Organisation and administration are great arenas for the Virgo practical touch and deft mind. You love things to run smoothly, by default, work well, and serve their full potential. You get satisfaction from improving processes and systems.  

Roles which help people become healthier, happier versions of themselves – be that via teaching, personal training, dietician, medicine, social work or counselling. You are a natural helper and can always see other people’s problems more clearly that they can (as well as how to solve them).  

What is Virgo like as a boss?

Your super powers of organisation and attention to detail make you a really efficient, self-starting and motivated boss who wants their team to be the best and will give whatever it takes for that to unfold.

You might struggle, sometimes, with managing your high (super high) expectations when it comes to other people’s skills, outputs, or performances. You might find it hard to accept work you don’t think is perfect, or to coach the best from someone you don’t think cares enough.    

You will prioritise a slick, well-oiled, efficient and successful workplace where everyone is clear on their role and how they contribute and what is needed from them. You don’t suffer fools gladly and they’ll know that too!

Will Virgo be successful as a business owner?

You are a good self starter and have the necessary discipline, practicality and nouse to run your own show, it will be a very slick show that’s for sure!

You need to manage your self doubts and judgment so that you don’t undermine your previous confidence.    

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