Whitney Port Says Nutritionist Believes She's Struggling With Depression – Not Eating Disorder!

Whitney Port is giving fans an update on her health journey.

As you know, fans have been concerned about the 38-year-old former reality star “looking too thin” lately. Even her husband, Tim Rosenman, was worried about her appearance — although it turned out he was more upset about her being “too thin from an aesthetic point of view” rather than being concerned over her health. AKA, she would be hotter with some more weight on her. Nice.

While Whitney didn’t believe she had a problem at first, she ended up reaching out to a “nutritionist/psychiatrist” to seek help. And now, she’s giving fans some insight into her first session, including what the doctor believes she’s suffering from. And no, it isn’t disordered eating.

During her podcast With Whit on Tuesday, The Hills alum shared that the nutritionist agrees with her and doesn’t think she’s struggling with an eating disorder right now. Instead, they suspect she’s experiencing “neurovegetative depression,” based on her experiencing lethargy and “not necessarily making things a priority when they actually are.” Plus, Whitney revealed she does take antidepressants and believes depression runs in her family:

“People in my family weren’t technically diagnosed, but I have heard and seen behaviors that exhibit some depression so I feel like that is a little bit innately in me.”

On top of the family history, the MTV personality noted that “environmental” factors contribute to her struggles, as her therapist pointed out that “there’s being on TV at a young age, your dad passing, your aunt committing suicide, dealing with mom’s depression and sadness since dad passing, multiple miscarriages.” She’s definitely gone through so much over the past few years. Whitney continued:

“There’s a lot of environmental challenges that I think have made me feel the way I feel: just a little bit depressed, just a little bit down.”

After hearing her therapist’s diagnosis, the mom said it “really made sense to” her:

“I feel like on paper everything is great. I’m so happy, I really am. I have a beautiful marriage, a beautiful son, a beautiful house, like, food on my table, I get to travel, I mostly love my job. I’m like, ‘What is the issue?’ And I think it’s just all these underlying things that have slowly chipped away at some self-confidence, added to a little bit of what is in me . And I think that’s what’s affecting my weight, and my food intake, and I feel empowered, because I don’t think that I have an eating disorder, and she didn’t think that I had an eating disorder.”

That being said, the nutritionist also believes that “there may be some disordered eating, due to some emotional stuff, but I do not think that you have an eating disorder.” And for Whitney, that “felt really validating” to hear:

“I felt like I could trust myself, I felt like I could trust my gut. Like, I wasn’t crazy. I was really scared that I was in denial about how I viewed myself, or what was actually going on. It was hard for me, because I was like, ‘S**t, am I not getting it?’ But I feel like I am. This stuff is serious. I am taking control. I am seeing the situation for what it is, and I don’t want people to worry about me…I am working on it, and I don’t believe it to be as big of an issue as it was made to be.”

We’re proud of Whitney for taking this big step in getting some help for herself. But does it sound to anyone else like she was told exactly what she wanted to hear? Pretty convenient. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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