Twister fans discover how ice lolly is made – and are ‘genuinely distressed’

Ice cream fans have been left absolutely baffled by a video showing how one of their favourite sweet treats is made.

A clip of the production of what appears to be Walls Twister ice lollies resurfaced and was shared on social media where it quickly went viral.

The clip was originally posted to the TikTok account m.rahman5000, dedicated to showcasing how popular things are made.

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It was then reposted to Twitter, now X, by one user who described the process as a “haphazard” way, claiming that it's “killing him”.

They captioned the Tweet: “Sorry, but the haphazard way the sticks are being launched into the Twister ice lollies (or whatever they’re called here) is killing me”.

In the two-minute video shows a machine could be seen pumping out ice cream in colours yellow, turquoise and pink.

It then moves along the conveyor belt, where another machine “haphazardly” throws sticks into the ice lollies – with no precision.

Since it was uploaded, it has been watched by more than 52.5M people on TikTok, and an additional 3.5M on Twitter.

Responding to the tweet, one person said: “I was distressed at the violent skewering of the ice lolly goodness.”

“It's genuinely distressing. Skewering them at all sorts of random angles”, another added.

A third added: “Hahahahah that explains so much”.

One person simply asked: “Who designed the stick machine?”

Another Tweeted: “This gets funnier each time I watch it. Those sticks… not even TRYING.”

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“Why do they look like caterpillars when they're being dropped onto that conveyor belt” questioned one user.

Even Specsavers replied to the footage stating: “We’re due on-site Monday”.

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