Kaye Adams backs Denise Welch as she blasts ‘cut-throat’ Loose Women claims


BBC Radio Scotland presenter Kaye Adams has supported her Loose Women colleague Denise Welch after the star furiously slammed claims that Loose Women has a “cut-throat” atmosphere.

Taking to Twitter today in view of her 90,200 followers, Kaye shared a link to an article that reported on Denise’s response to the allegations.

“Go Densy!” she wrote with a red love heart emoji, which prompted Denise to reply with another heart emoji.

The moment of solidarity between the two Loose Women stars comes after Denise blasted a talent agent’s claims that the ITV panel show is an unpleasant place to work.

Melanie Blake, who works as an author, columnist and talent agent, previously represented several Loose Women presenters and has since claimed “it’s just not a period of time I want to relive” in an interview with the Mirror.

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She claimed the only Loose Women star she has maintained a good relationship with is Saira Khan, who quit the show in 2021.

Despite the recent scandal surrounding Phillip Schofield’s exit from This Morning, Melanie argued that she “never felt on edge” around Holly Willoughby and her colleagues, but that she couldn’t say the same for Loose Women.

She told the publication: “I can confirm in my experience, it’s [Loose Women] that’s a cut-throat place to work and not This Morning.

“I was even on set the day Holly started and have been there hundreds of times and have never once felt on edge.

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“But put a load of ambitious women together with a small amount of seats to fill and inevitably there is always going to be tension. Showbiz isn’t all diamonds and rosé.”

She went on to claim: “Despite the party line of the Loose Women having been the best of friends from day one, it’s simply that, a party line.

“Just because you get a job sitting next to each other, doesn’t mean you’re going to be friends. There were a lot of egos in my era, so it’s not a show I want my new agency to represent stars from again.”

These claims angered long-time Loose Women star Denise, who has appeared on the show as far back as 2000.

She tweeted: “So disappointing that a female agent @MelanieBlakeUK constantly uses her position to tear down other women.

“It’s such a cliche that women can’t work together without being b*****s. I adore my @loosewomen colleagues otherwise I wouldn’t work there.”

She later added: “Melanie writes that Loose Women was and is a toxic place to work. I’m sorry Melanie but it isn’t. I love it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t work there.

“If she only speaks to one of the women she used to represent then that says more about her than them.”

In a response to Denise, Melanie confirmed her comments referred specifically to the “era” she worked alongside talent on the ITV panel show.

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