Stacey Solomon divides opinion with DIY Christmas decs featuring ginormous nutcracker

Stacey Solomon, the queen of at-home DIY, has divided opinions over her latest Christmas creations.

The Sort Your Life Out star, 34 has been taking to Instagram in the past few days to show off her homemade giant Christmas bells made from children's space hoppers and an enormous nutcracker made from buckets. While fans applauded the TV star for her efforts and creativity, some questioned the new decorations.

Her latest project was the "Giant Christmas Bells for the Christmas door" made from Spiderman space hoppers that were spray painted gold with black paint and big red ribbons. Taking to Instagram on Monday, Stacey showed off the final look for the two bells in a video after she wanted to make something "huge for the front door".

The mum of five went on to explain how she made them and said: "I still need to do some extra coats of the black shadows & then seal them for outside but I think they’re so cool" before adding "they do look a bit like smiley faces on there own."

"But once they’re among the other Christmas stuff I think they’ll look more bell-ish." Stacey ended the post by saying "Happy Monday Everyone." While fans usually gush over Stacey's impressive DIY skills, these homemade decorations didn't go down too well.

One brutally said: "One of the tackiest things by far that I have ever seen." A second wrote: "Just no babes, the giant baubles we’re the winner!", referring to Stacey's Christmas creation last year.

A third commented: "No no no no no lol [a series of laughing emoji's] what on earth this has to be an epic fail." Other's couldn't help but see the smiley face "Why was I seeing these with eyes, smiley faces and bows on their head", said one.

"They look like a giant smiley face wearing a bow hahaha", said another. One other agreed "All I can see is massive smiley faces, took me a minute to realise they were bells!"

Some couldn't help but raise concerns about leaving space hoppers around the house, "My five year old would be booting those across the room if it was in my house" said one. Another added: "They are so cool but they'd be launched around my house."

Defending her project, Stacey added a comment: "Ok so these aren’t everyone’s favourites [laughing face emoji's that’s ok [love heart] I think you’ll be more convinced when they’re among the other Christmas stuff."

Although some did have a lot of positive feedback as one wrote: "I don’t know how you think of these things but I don’t care because they are ace!". A second said: "Never would I look at a space hopper and think ‘giant bell’ Your creativity and resourcefulness is."

The second creation was the giant nutcracker which is taller than Stacey and her husband Joe Swash. It was made out of three buckets, "some guttering and some pipe insulation" the mum of five shared.

The buckets were sprayed painted different colours and super glued on top of each other before Stacey added piping arms, bows, ribbons, a belt, and festive foliage. Showing off the masterpiece on Instagram Stacey posted a video of the process and said: "PROUD. I made a giant nutcracker it’s taller than me & Joe & almost hits the ceiling.

"I actually love him, We’ve named him Neil." She went on to explain what material she used before adding: "I feel like every time I see a giant nutcracker it’s hundreds of pounds or it looks soooo complicated to make so I hope this inspires anyone who wants to make one to grab a bucket and go for it".

She ended the post by saying: "But this got me in such a Christmassy mood & SO excited for the Christmas door." The Loose Women star was flooded with compliments with one fan gushing: "You are an absolute bloody genius. Seriously it looks so good!! I own a wedding and event decor business and I feel like we could use your creativity".

A second said: "Aww love it! You are so creative Stacey!" While one fan wasn't sure and wrote: "It’s a bit s**t. But I love you regardless."

Another couldn't help but picture a brand commenting: "I love this….. But I can't unsee him looking like the pringle man on the tube of Pringles." With the lead up to Christmas well on the way, there's no doubt that the creative star will share even more homemade decorations.

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