Optical illusion has hidden animal in the shop – and you must spot it in 9 secs

Optical illusions are a great way to test many skills in life.

Some brainteasers test observation, while others could be good to determine your IQ score.

Now the latest puzzle can only be solved if you really use your eyesight.

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So are you up for the mind-boggling challenge?

In the image, it shows a colourful scene with a mum and daughter at the shop, along with other customers.

The shop keeper is weighing an item while her colourful produce is on a gorgeous display.

There's a lot happening in the photo, with conversations occurring and a customer eyeing up some fruits.

But your task is to find the hidden racoon lurking somewhere in the image.

You must solve it within 9 seconds or less and if you do, it's great news for your eyesight.

These illusions stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for visual memory and intelligence.

They're also used as simple tools to test the ability of our visual system to observe things around us.

There is one hidden raccoon in the picture and the challenge is to find the animal in 9 seconds.

Scroll down for the answer…

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If you managed to solve it, you would have found it hiding on the left side of the image, behind the stack of fruits.

Are you looking for more optical illusions?

Previously players with "sharp eyes" can spot the odd digit within 15 seconds in the optical illusion.

Recently, we had an optical illusion with an odd letter and your job was to spot it in 17 seconds.

In the image, it shows a rows and columns of the letter T with the odd F lingering somewhere.

And we had an optical illusion with an odd word hiding somewhere as only people with "sharp eyes" can spot it.

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