Mum forced to defend her child's lunchbox food: 'You are the problem'

Mum forced to defend her daughter’s lunchbox food after hundreds slammed her for packing too much ‘unhealthy, over-processed, junk food’

  • Mum slammed for putting ‘junk food’ in her child’s lunchbox 
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A mum has divided hundreds after she shared a photo of her eight-year-old daughter’s lunchbox. 

The blogger, who goes by Life of London and Mommy online, packed a lunchbox containing fruit, cheese, cookies, chips and even peanut butter and strawberry tacos. 

Many fans loved the look of the ‘delicious’ array of snacks however others slammed how many ‘over-processed’ ‘junk’ foods with ‘so much sugar and fat’ she packed. 

The mum hit back at her critics calling them ‘negative and ‘lonely’ claiming they have ‘immature palettes’. 

Inside the girl’s lunchbox, the mum, from the US, packed a kiwi fruit as well as some Gouda cheese sticks, a handful of peanut butter and chocolate Chex Mix and peanut butter and jelly and strawberry tacos. 

A mum has been slammed for putting too much ‘over processed’ ‘junk’ food in her daughter’s lunchbox but many were quick to leap to the woman’s defence

For a morning snack she added a packet of Cheez-it crackers, afternoon snack was a bag of Takis tortilla chips and an extra pack of mini chocolate chip cookies. 

There was also a bottle of ice to keep everything fresh as well as water and milk. 

The mum shared the lunchbox in a post to her popular Facebook page and many were quick to criticise. 

‘Where’s the protein? There’s literally fat, carbs and more fat and carbs. Of course the kid likes this lunch, it’s practically all sugar,’ one woman said.  

‘Lunch? Really? Nothing good for an eight-year-old child. I can’t imagine giving my daughter this for lunch. Nothing healthy and none of it is safe for children if you don’t want them to be sick,’ a second wrote. 

‘Where is the actual lunch?’ asked a third and another added: ‘Where’s the actual food? Healthy food.’

A teacher said they were surprised the woman’s daughter allowed her to bring such ‘junk food’ and another agreed. 

‘That lunch would 100 per cent get sent home at my kids school. They have pretty strict rules about no junk food for snacks,’ a mum said.

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‘There are a lot of snacks there, I would definitely try replace one with healthier fruit,’ someone suggested.

The mum responded to the lunchbox warriors claiming ’90 per cent of the people commenting don’t even have children’. 

‘Based on your pages and profiles you have no room to say anything. Half are too lazy to even attempt to pack any lunch,’ she wrote. 

‘Bottom line, those who are inspired follow us and know what is it. The rest of you are here for the drama. So keep it coming!’

She also said the naysayers has ‘immature palettes’ and were ‘negative and lonely’. 

However, the feedback wasn’t all negative as fans leapt to the blogger’s defence with one mum saying: ‘If you have something negative to say, keep it to yourself. This mumma loves her baby and you can tell!’.

‘As a teacher, seeing my students with lunches like this makes me happy. I can tell a lot of love and care went into this. So many parents do not have the time, energy, funds, or desire to do this for their,’ one user commented. 

‘Imagine worrying about strangers children’s protein intake,’ another quipped. 

Many people were fans of the ‘delicious’ lunch and snacks and were thankful for the ‘inspiration’.  

‘Coming from a mumma whose kid didn’t eat for two years at school, this looks awesome and thank you! I needed a few ideas and they look beautiful!’ one mum said.

‘I think it looks great! My kids take food they enjoy for lunch everyday. Even if that means no veggies,’ a second wrote. 

‘Yummy!! Looks like a kids dream lunch,’ added another. 

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