Hugh Hefner’s son flooded with creepy requests after joining adult site

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    Playboy boss Hugh Hefner's son has revealed the bizarre requests he's had from fans after joining OnlyFans.

    Marston Hefner, who describes himself as bisexual, says that he launched the account as a “long-term avenue for further financial security.”

    Marston, who admits that his wife isn’t very keen on his racy online exploits, says he’s saving up his earnings to “be able to own a Pokémon Trophy card”. But he’s working hard for the money – fielding some very offbeat requests from subscribers.

    Speaking to Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt on their Girls Next Level podcast, he explained: “One guy asked me to fart and another girl said she'd fart on my face."

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    He added: "I'm into whatever you guys are into. If they want to fart or whatever, I don't care…” But he admitted he was slightly suspicious of the subscriber’s motives.

    Marston continued: “I feel like was like a frat guy. Maybe he went on to OnlyFans and wanted Marston Hefner farting video for his friends.”

    The 33-year-old was born after Playboy founder Hefner married Kimberly Conrad. She was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for January 1988 and married Hefner the following year aged 27, with the man himself a sprightly 63.

    Kimberly gave birth to Marston on April 9, 1990 – coincidentally the elderly swinger’s birthday as well.

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    After nine years of marriage, Conrad and Hefner called it a day, although they didn’t officially divorce until Marston’s younger brother Cooper turned 18 in 2009.

    Hefner said at the time: "I would've been happy to divorce her when we separated, but she wanted to remain married for our boys.”

    Marston says there shouldn’t be any controversy about the fact that he sells nude pictures online: "My mum posed for Playboy. I was never ashamed of it," he explained. "I mean, I didn't want to see her naked. But it was also just normal. Nudity is normal. I heard that all the time."

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    Marston reminisced about how when he was growing up, he would bond with the kids of the various models that hung around the mansion. In particular, he told Holly and Bridget, he remembered Atiana, the young daughter of March 2002 Playmate of the Month Tina Marie Jordan. Tina lived in the mansion while she was dating Marston’s dad, and their two kids got on well.

    “Tina Jordan's daughter was really sweet,” Marston said. “She was just a nice little girl I didn't know anybody else really except I had a huge crush on Caitlyn. That was a Hollywood romance, that was a tragedy in the end. I just never got the girl.”

    Marston says he “grew up with [copies of] Playboy strewn around in the house” but was still encouraged to look down on porn. He continued: “As progressive as I was, I was still taught to stigmatise whatever pornography is.”

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    “I just don’t care to do that. Like, if people have sex and they make money from it, [that’s OK]. If I end up doing that, cool.” Ultimately, he said, it was all about sexism: “You can be the CEO of the people getting naked. But don't be the person getting naked."

    Marston angrily said that in the Playboy world his dad created, it "wasn't as acceptable" for men to actually do any kind of sex work. "It's f*****g bulls**t,” he said. "That upsets me. Because I don't think that's right, the stigma of sex workers. You can pay sex workers but you can't f*****g be one?”

    He admitted his family name has been a blessing, as well as a curse. "In my 20s, whenever I did social media or whenever I did art, nobody really gave a crap," he said. "But because I'm Hugh Hefner's son and because I did OnlyFans, now I have an immediate platform and a built-in audience.

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