Amanda Holden’s unique wine beauty hack revealed as she looks better than ever at 52

There's no denying that Amanda Holden looks incredible – but there's one unexpected beauty hack that she credits her age-defying looks to and it will no doubt leave fans surprised.

Although exercise is a top priority – in fact, the 52 year old runs daily – it's a much more relaxed tip she shared with OK! when we chatted to the Britain's Got Talent judge recently.

"Remember, a glass of wine now and again plumps the skin," she said. "Drink it though, don’t rub it on your face!"

Another top self-care tip she admitted is “water, water and more water.” She explained, “I drink at least two litres during my radio show every morning.

"It’s only summer holidays and Christmas that you’ll find me more relaxed with self-care, but I’ll still be wearing a lash and some lippy."

And to de-stress? “Oh I love long soaks in the bath,” she said. “Baylis & Harding has the best bath and shower products. My favourite is the signature Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit collection, which is just perfect for relaxing – just what I need in the run up to Christmas.”

Another piece of advice she follows is her family’s unofficial motto: never give up. “I don’t accept failure and I try not to let anything stop me or get me down.

"It’s a waste of time to have negative thoughts. I’m very much a ‘keep going’ kind of girl. I have no time for people who close the curtains and hide from the world.”

And Amanda's guidance doesn't stop there though as she strongly believes that the way women’s outfits are talked about needs to change.

“Women are always described as ‘parading their legs’ if they’re wearing shorts or skirts, and if they’re at the beach they’re ‘parading’ in a bikini. No, I’m simply at the beach or I’m simply walking down the street in summer. I’d like to see those headlines change,” she revealed. “Nobody judges a man like that!”

The star has been known to come under fire from members of the public for her “risqué” fashion choices on TV, with one particular dress triggering 235 complaints to the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom. That won't stop her from dressing how she chooses though.

“I like classic pieces and I like value for money but I do like a bit of side boob every now and again,” she smiled.

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