Bald bloke sticks toilet plunger on his head as joke – only for it to get stuck

We all have intrusive thoughts, but most of us manage to resist the urge to give in to them.

One bloke, identified as only Luke, let his win when he stuck a toilet plunger on top of his bald head.

What was likely meant to be a funny but brief joke in the headwear store, quickly took a hilarious turn.

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The plunger ended up getting stuck and it would not shift no matter how hard he pulled at it.

In the clip, uploaded to TikTok, Luke can be seen bent over, yanking with all his might to no avail.

In a hysterical turn of events, the handle then broke off of the rubber part.

It left the plunger suctioned to his head with no leverage left to help detach it.

Luke and his friends could all be heard laughing in the middle of the aisle before Luke pulled up his hood in a useless attempt to hide his embarrassment.

It isn’t known whether Luke managed to get the plunger off himself or whether he needed to ask staff for help.

The TikTok has now been watched more than 3.4million times and has racked up over 428,000 likes, with thousands more interactions.

Viewers found the footage hysterical and shared their thoughts in the comment section.

One joked: “Legend says that he still wears the plunger to this day”.

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Another commented: “Imagine the security guards laughing when they find this camera footage”

“Anyone else see the Tim Man from the Wizard of Oz” a third chuckled.

A fourth added: “the mental image of him taking the stick to the cashier and looking like ‘no questions please’. Just accepting his fate”.

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