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AN EYE doctor has opened up about the three make-up trends she would not follow under any circumstances. 

Dr Alexa Hecht maintains that there are certain things that are considered trendy that she isn’t a fan of, as she revealed the reason behind each of her no-gos in her expert opinion.

And it seems there’s plenty that has made it onto the banned list created by Alexa, who is based in Toronto in Canada.

First up, the professional revealed why she wouldn’t be booking herself for an eyelash treatment anytime soon.

Alexa, who can be found on TikTok via her profile @dr.alexhecht, said: “Number one – I would never get a lash lift or lash tint.

She explained: “Both of these procedures use very toxic chemicals, including ammonium, which is toxic to the tissues in the eye, and can cause serious infections if it enters the eye.”

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Alexa then added to her 50.4k followers on the social media site: “Also, it just looks so uncomfortable.”

Her second hot take was about something similarly popular with make-up and beauty fans – waterproof mascara.

Alexa continued: “Number two – I wouldn’t use waterproof mascara every day. 

“Waterproof mascara uses forever chemicals, which do not dissolve in our tears and can lead to irritation and dry eye.”



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She then went on to say waterproof mascara was best avoided, as they could also lead to long-term eyelash problems down the line.

The social media user claimed: “Some of these chemicals can actually cause your eyelashes to become more brittle and even break off.”

And there is another item of make-up that’s strictly off limits for the eye doctor. 

She lifted the lid, as she said: “I wouldn’t use super glittery eye make-up.”

Waterproof mascara uses forever chemicals, which do not dissolve in our tears and can lead to irritation and dry eye

Why? Alexa claimed while it might look pretty, it won’t always be that way.

She said in her TikTok video: “Glitter can cause tiny little scratches on the front surface of the eye, causing irritation and infection.” 

This follows another video of Alexa’s where she also warned other people against getting eyelash extensions.

In the clip, which has been liked over 70k times, she claimed that she’d seen cases where the eyelash roots were covered in mounting bacteria – and even mites.

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Alexa concluded: “Even if you’re cleaning these every day, you still have a higher risk of having bacteria on your eyelashes.” 

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