40p item to bring ‘droopy’ peace lilies ‘back to life’ and ‘flower beautifully’

Peace Lily: The best ways to keep you plants looking good

Peace lilies are easy-to-grow houseplants that can flower for months under the right conditions. 

They have deep green glossy foliage and graceful white blooms and while they’re generally considered a low-care indoor plant, peace lily drooping is a frequent problem.

A few of the common reasons why this plant starts to droop are because of overwatering, under watering, too much sunlight and a lack of humidity.

Taking to the Gardening UK Facebook page, one houseplant owner shared their peace lily dilemma.

Posting a picture of her peace lily leaves drooping, Sharon Stone asked: “Apart from regular watering, which I have done, any ideas on how to revive my peace lily?”

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With many suggestions from group members saying to avoid watering it too much, many claimed that it needs to be watered the “right way”.

Jackie Simmonds claimed: “Standing the plant in water is the right way to water it, mine droops when it is not watered this way.”

David Stephenson noted: “Ours thrive on neglect. Water sparingly, but correctly, and keep out of direct light.”

Carol Stilton said: “Mine only likes watering from the bottom, any other way and it sulks.”

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Linda Ross commented: “Even though you are watering, check that you are doing it right as the compost could be really dry and the water is just running through. You would need to soak it.”

Aside from soaking the peace lily in water, gardeners suggested adding a used kitchen ingredient to the water – tea bags.

Nicola Spencer said: “Adding a tea bag to the water made mine perk up and flower beautifully.”

Sally Wakefield wrote: “I always water mine with tea water, They seem to be happier with it than with regular water. They’re good at expressing that they need attention. Yes, it looks like it’s sulking because it’s thirsty.”

Michelle Parker responded: “Yes, my peace lily was drooping last month and they have been brought back to life and are thriving after using tea water for a few weeks.”

Naomi Cumiskey added: “I swear by feeding mine cold tea, it’s the only thing that’s worked on my drama queen.”

A pack of 40 tea bags retail for just 40p in Asda, but they can also be picked up at Sainsbury’s for 75p and for 79p at Morrisons.

The breakdown of tea leaves shows that there is roughly 0.25 percent potassium 0.24 percent phosphorus and 4.4 percent nitrogen – that nitrogen level is higher than what is found in some fertilisers. 

The one catch is that plants may not be able to utilise the nitrogen from tea fully.

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