I tried the viral feta eggs to see if they’re any good – they’re an absolute game changer for a weekend brunch | The Sun

HAVE you heard about the viral feta eggs currently taking social media by storm? 

The delicious dish combines everyone’s favourite brunch item with the tangy and creamy taste of feta as the two are cooked together. 

It then takes things one step further as the cheesy eggs are placed into a tortilla wrap with lots of avocado.

After one foodie concocted it, others hafve been taking it in turns to jump on the bandwagon and sample it themselves.

And each have been mega impressed, with many describing it as so tasty and awarding it a ten out of ten for flavour. 

But one foodie decided to see if it really lived up to the hype as she tried and tested the simple recipe and then delivered her honest verdict.

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TikTok account Tasty UK, which can be found at @tastyuk, said they’d seen the dish circulating on social media and knew they had to give it a go.

She said: “I just had to try the viral feta eggs to see if they’re actually any good – or if it’s just another viral recipe.

She then shared how easy it is to make, as she explained: “All you do is sprinkle some feta cheese in a circle and crack an egg in the middle.”

Once the egg is fried to perfection, she said: “Serve it on a toasted tortilla with avocado. That’s it.”

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Tasty UK then shared with their 749k followers her taste test result.

After confirming that they are “worth the hype”, she said: “They’re really, really good – I’m obsessed.

“They’re so good that I’m going to make it again on the weekend for my family.”

She then urged her followers to cook up the egg dish themselves and let her know what they thought.

And they did so in their hundreds, after the video received a whopping 32k likes.

One social media user said: “Tried it this morning – was AMAZING!”

A second impressed foodie typed: “I made it this morning, it was very good!!”

A third added: “I made it tonight, it’s delish.”

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While a fourth wrote: “Had it every day this week.”

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