Make ‘lazy lasagne’ with cooking ‘shortcut’ in five minutes – recipe

Lasagne is a kind of pasta made in the form of wide strips or sheets, though the dish is better known for its cheesy and tomato flavours.

Traditionally, it is comprised of layers of meat sauce, pasta sheets and creamy white béchamel which is complemented by the addition of grated cheese.

Though it is a relatively simple meal to make from scratch, Jennifer Pallian, a recipe developer, writer and photographer at Foodess, has engineered an even easier method.

The home cook, who has a background in food science, claimed that her “lazy lasagne” serves as both a “shortcut weeknight dinner and an easy hack”.

She said: “Cheesy and delicious, no one will know you pulled this together in five minutes with three store-bought ingredients. I’m hesitant to even share this recipe because I don’t want you to know how easy this was if you come to my house for dinner.”

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Serves six:

  • 450g ravioli (spinach and ricotta or beef filling)
  • 750ml marinara sauce (tomato pasta sauce)
  • Three cups of grated mozzarella cheese

Jennifer explained that because the recipe relies on pre-made ingredients for its simplicity, investing in good quality ravioli and sauce will “go a long way”.

She said: “I get locally-made ravioli easily in the refrigerated section of many shops, and I splash out a few extra dollars for good sauce.

“That’s not to say it won’t be yummy with the standard grocery store vacuum-sealed ravioli and $2 marinara sauce, but it’s something to consider.”

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The lasagne still follows the same layering process as traditional versions, though it’s much quicker to assemble.

Preheat the oven to 230C then find a 9x13inch heat-proof baking dish.

Line the dish with a thin layer of the sauce, then top with a handful of cheese, followed by a layer of uncooked ravioli.

Repeat with another layer of sauce, more ravioli and finish with the remaining mozzarella.

Cover the dish with tin foil for the first part of baking to cook the ravioli through and melt the cheese – this should take roughly 30 minutes.

Then, uncover and bake until the cheese is golden and bubbly for a further 10-15 minutes.

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