Love Island’s Kai Fagan breaks silence on farmer Will feud as he addresses ‘animosity’

Kai Fagan has broke his silence on Will Young's alleged feud with his fellow Love Islanders, after he unfollowed him on Instagram.

Kai, 23, appeared on Winter Love Island 2023 alongside Will, also 23, and the pair became close pals, along with fellow Islanders Casey O'Gorman, Tom Clare and Ron Hall.

However, since exiting the villa, Will appears to have disconnected with his co-stars altogether despite seeming to have formed close friendships with them.

Kai, who won the hit ITV2 show with girlfriend Sanam Harrinanan, has now opened up about the boys' rift with Will, saying their is "no animosity" between him and the farmer.

"I speak to them when I see them, and when I see them at events we catch up on group chats, but everyone is doing their own thing. Will seems like he’s doing himself," he told The Sunat the Pride of Britain Awards.

Kai added: "There is still a Whatsapp group but obviously Will has had a bit of a disagreement with a few of the boys, but apart from that I have no animosity towards Will, we got on, but we weren’t best friends."

Will, who came in fifth place on Love Island with girlfriend Jessie Wynter, unfollowed Kai, Ron, Tom and Casey on Instagram back in August, sparking rumours of a feud between the group.

He's since explained the reason behind his decision. Will told Heatworld that Ron, 26, had removed him from their group chat during a night out which Will couldn't attend.

"I was invited but I couldn’t go – I live out of the city, I’m working on the farm and focusing on my girlfriend. They had their dinner and from what I saw on their [Instagram] stories had a couple of drinks, had a good time and then later that night Ron removed me from the group chat," the farmer said.

He added: "I was really confused but I sat back and thought, you’ve got four people sat at a table, a conversation about me would have happened, I don’t know what is it, so although Ron removed me I think it was a whole group situation."

Tom and Casey have since opened up about falling out with Will, saying "a lot has happened" since their time on Love Island on The Nikki & Brie Show podcast on Wednesday 4 October.

Tom quickly jumped in to stress that they had tried their best to make time for their pal, and that they'd even suggested heading to his farm for a catch-up but he claimed they'd "got nothing back".

"There's only so much effort you can make with someone until you're like, 'Look, this guy is not making effort with me. I can't do it anymore.' It's a shame as we got on so well."

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