Gordon Ramsay shares top tip for cooking the ‘perfect’ steak

A juicy steak makes for a tasty evening meal. Delicious paired with chips and gravy or crispy roast potatoes and veggies, you can’t really go wrong.

But while you may have been cooking up steaks for years, you might not be aware of Gordon Ramsay’s hack that will take your steak from so-so to superb.

In a YouTube video entitled “Gordon Ramsay’s ultimate cookery course: How to Cook the Perfect Steak”, shared by Hodder Books, the superstar chef told budding cooks how they can enjoy a stunning rare to medium rare steak every time.

In his “guide to cooking a perfect steak”, Gordon told his viewers to take the steak out of the fridge 20 minutes before you start cooking. Cooking a steak that is “stone cold” in the centre means you will have to overcook it on the outside, so avoid this.

He instructed steak fans to season the steak with salt and large grains of pepper. He said: “Mop up that seasoning and sort of push it in.”

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When the pan has just started smoking, add a touch of olive oil and whirl it round. The olive oil is essential so the steak does not burn.

Gordon continued: “Always lay the steaks away from you, and let the pan do the work.”

He shared a little “secret” for those who want to perfect their steak. He instructed that the steak should be seared rather than boiled.

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Gently turn your steak over with a pair of tongs. To render the fatty edges of the steak, use your tongs to place this face down on the pan.

For some “really nice flavour”, add a few cloves of unpeeled, crushed garlic. Chuck in a few sprigs of thyme for an added fragrance.

Ensure you are turning your steaks every minute so each side gets an even colour. Add in a touch more oil.

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With the steak still cooking away in the pan, slice up a few knobs of butter. According to Gordon, “this is where the steak starts to take on a completely different flavour”.

Tilt the pan and baste the steak in the juices, oil thyme and garlic. Use your tongs to grab the garlic and rub it all over the steak.

Turn off the gas and take the steak off the heat. Transfer it to a wooden board and let it. Gordon’s method also works if you are cooking two steaks in a pan.

Slice and plate up with chips or potatoes. Make some herby mushrooms for the ultimate side dish, or alternatively a simple green salad.

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