I’m nearly 41 but look like I’m in my 30’s – the magic ingredient I use to keep wrinkles away, it’s a cheapskate’s Botox | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has shared the secret to her youthful glowing skin but there is a right and a wrong way to use it. 

The skincare fan says she uses a special ingredient to keep the wrinkles at bay. 

Maggie Rose who describes herself as a health advocate shared the beauty product in a TikTok video online.

Maggie says she uses castor oil but doesn’t just apply it directly to her face. 

She said: “Castor oil as the crunchy girl's Botox, I 100% agree.”

“I turned 41 next month and it has done wonders for my skin but I'm gonna let you in on a little secret I don't just use it straight.”

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Maggie explains one of the things that makes castor oil so great is it sinks deep into the skin. 

She said: “So part of what castor oil is so good at doing is delivering nutrients down deep into the skin is able to penetrate down deeper into the body and into the skin."

“That's why a lot of holistic and functional medicine practitioners use it for things like castor oil packs ovarian cysts things like that because of its ability to go down deep.”

Maggie revealed that uses a mixture of different oils with castor oil as the main ingredient. 

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She said: “So I use a product called Lalina's oil the label's a little bit rubbed off but it has castor oil, it also has black seed oil and rose hip oil."

“Black seed oil has been used for thousands of years and is known for its benefits for the skin rose hip oil is a natural source of tretinoin.”


However, Maggie warns the products are not as strong as the counter tretinoin.

The beauty fan said: “Now mind you it's not as strong as the prescription stuff you can get from the dermatologist but it is in the natural source when I tell you I would not be caught without this stuff I mean it absolutely works!”

The video racked up 1.1 million views online with many viewers saying they were huge fans of castor oil claiming it had done wonders for their skin. 

One user said: “My husband is a plastic surgeon and LOVES castor oil.”

Another said: “I love your mix! I add jojoba oil and frankincense I throw in a splash of BSO too!”

“Castor oil completely changed my skin my face is like baby smooth skin now,” said a third.

However, some viewers warned the oil could lead to you having a big breakout.

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One user said: “It broke me out so bad. And I never break out.”

Another user said: “My skin reacts poorly to castor oil and I'm disappointed bc it has so many benefits.”

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