The moment a woman browses the supermarket aisles ‘naked from the waist down’ leaving shoppers stunned | The Sun

AS we've seen more than once, there is a good reason you should probably not buy leggings and other garments in the same colour as your skin.

But in case you needed a reminder, learn from this fashionista who left fellow shoppers and people online stunned after appearing ''naked from the waist down''.

In a snap, which has since gone viral on Facebook, the woman can be seen pushing a trolley in a supermarket.

However, it's her attire that's got everyone talking – or, at the first glance, the lack of it.

The photo, taken by a fellow shopper from behind, reveals the woman was wearing a lace top, which she had styled with nude leggings.

Because the colour was such a close match to her fair skin – and the bottoms were also figure-hugging – the outfit appeared to be shockingly explicit.

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As expected, the post soon went viral on social media, where hundreds said they were convinced she had arrived to the shop entirely naked.

One commented: "Thought she didn't have pants on till I looked at her ankles.''

Someone else chimed in: "Honestly thought she was naked waist down."

However, as eagle-eyed Facebook users pointed out, that's also not the only odd thing about this snap.

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Many were concerned about the unusually large size of the second person sitting in the trolley, with one writing: ''We were all so concerned with her pants we didn't notice the 175 month old in the buggy!"

What a strange photo! What do you think of it?


This is not the first instance an outfit has caused quite the outrage online – recently pub-goers were in for a bit of a fright as one customer showed up in a rather risque look.

Taking to Reddit, a fellow pub lover at the boozer in Dorset uploaded a snap of a person who appeared to be sitting without anything on her bottom half.

But as people later came to realise, it was all just a rather unfortunate illusion, as the woman was wearing skin-coloured leggings.

Redditors were baffled, sharing their thoughts in the comments.

One wondered: "Why do flesh coloured leggings exist?"

"I hate them", a second added.

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