Shoppers are rushing to B&M to pick up the cosiest £18 buy that will slash heating bills this winter | The Sun

WITH energy bills still sky-high, plenty of us will be looking for ways to keep warm this winter without whacking on the heating. 

And a cosy wearable blanket is a fab option – they not only keep you warm, but they’re a super comfy way to wrap up on those winter PJ days. 

Oodie is perhaps the most well-known brand selling the fleecy garments – but at £53.40 per item, they’re undeniably a bit of a splurge for something you’re only going to wear between your own four walls. 

But eagle-eyed shoppers reckon they’ve spotted a fantastic alternative on the shelves of a popular discount store. 

B&M is selling a ‘Snuggle Hoodie’ that looks just like the Oodies, and is priced at just £18 for a women’s version or £10 for a men’s. 

That’s an incredible saving or around £35 per item, making it a much more budget-friendly option for wrapping up. 

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B&M describe the item as a “fully lined snuggle hoodie with a kangaroo pocket”, adding that it comes in six cute patterns including pink print and starry night. 

And shoppers are clearly wild about the fab items, raving about the quality of the fabric and how warm the item is. 

One customer confirmed the “fabric on it is really, really good”, adding that the item would be a “Godsend to a lot of people”.

Writing on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains, another owner added that they are “sooo cosy & 10x fluffier insider”. 

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If you’re looking for more ways to stay snug this winter without flicking up the thermostat, why not check out this money-saving maestro ‘genius’ heated blanket hack. 

According to a TikToker known as Duchess of Thrift, sitting on a heated blanket while in front of the telly keeps you warm whatever the weather, and prices start at just £20. 

Meanwhile one sleep expert says that putting fluffy socks on before you snooze is another fab way to ensure you stay toasty through the night. 

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