Mind-bending optical illusion reveals what you’re really like in a relationship – but it hinges on what you see first | The Sun

THERE are many different types of optical illusions out there – some can shift the way you see the world and others are like small challenges for the brain.

But this clever illusion can reveal hidden aspects of your personality, but it all depends on what you spot first.

Don't overthink it or look too closely, your first glace will reveal all you need to know.

The illustration was shared on TikTok by Mia Yilin and it's left people amazed at how accurately it pinned their personality down.

It shows the silhouette of a large bird, but some people don't see the bird first at all and instead spot a small white rabbit.

So which did you see?



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According to Mia, if you saw the white rabbit first you're someone who likes a routine and feel at ease when you can plan ahead.

"Change can make you feel uneasy," she said.

That said, you do crave new experiences and want to a slice of adventure in your life.

But this can lead to "a conflicted dynamic within yourself," Mia added.

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If you first saw the eagle, you're a cautious person when it comes to relationships.

You prefer to spend a lot of time to build meaningful and deep connections with others rather than jumping straight into something.

"Once someone earns your trust you are fiercely loyal and will go to great lengths to support and protect them." Mia said.

After the illusion was shared on social media people were impressed by it's revelations.

One said: "Oh yeah I'm definitely the eagle, thanks!"

"I couldn't see the rabbit at all to begin with," a second wrote.

And another agreed: "Even after five minutes of looking I still can't see the rabbit."

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