My date insisted on driving then ran red lights, took me to his place without asking & that wasn't even the worst part | The Sun

A LIFESTYLE influencer has revealed her worst first date, who ran a red light on their outing.

Despite fearing for her life in his car, she said that wasn't even the worst part of the date.

Kay Bertina (@kaybertina) recalled the date in a video shared with over 40,000 TikTok followers.

"This man almost unalived me on our date," she began, telling the story as she prepped her skin.

She explained that usually doesn't let men pick her up for the first date because she doesn't want them to know where she lives.

After she met the date at an event, the two exchanged numbers and he offered to pick her up on a date.

"Nicest Mercedes I've ever seen, I've never seen a Mercedes like that, it's like one of those cars that they only make five of," she said.

Her date also brought her a large bouquet of red roses which she was pleasantly surprised by.

"Everything about the date is great, it's after the date where everything goes progressively downhill from there," she said.

"We get in the car, he starts driving in the opposite direction of both my apartment and Rodeo Drive and I'm like, actually, it's that way and he goes, oh I know, I want to go this way," she said.

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"The exact reason why I do not like driving on the first date," she added.

The date proceeded to put his own address into the GPS and invited her over to watch a movie, which worried Kay.

"Not like I have a choice so whatever,this man is driving like the cops are after him, the light is red before we get into the intersection and he's like, yeah I just don't like waiting," she recalled.

After the two arrived at his home, Kay found herself uncomfortably watching the movie.

"I make sure I'm laying down so there's no room for him to lay next to me," she said.

The two make conversation during the movie, to her shock: "He says the most racist thing to me and he doesn't even realize," she said.

Her date was curious about Kay's heritage: "What are you mixed with?" he asked.

Upon finding out that she's black, he was shocked: "What? I can't believe you're full Black, you're so lucky you don't have those features," he said.

Kay was sickened by the racist comments: "Mind you, I do have Black features and I am Black and we are beautiful," she said.

People took to the comments to share their relief that the content creator was able to return home safe and sound to tell the tale.

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"You’re so brave going to someone’s on the first date, please please be careful," said one commenter.

"OMG! Glad you're okay," said another.

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