Mum sick of waking up to wet windows reveals bargain hack to get rid of condensation – and you don’t need a dehumidifier | The Sun

ASIDE from the darker days and freezing temperatures one infuriating side effect of winter is waking up to condensation covered windows.

While turning the heating on is one way to get rid of wet window panes, sky high energy costs means that will not be an option for many of us.

However, one mum who was fed up with her condensation-covered windows has revealed her genius hack to get rid of it for good – and you don’t need a fancy dehumidifier.

Taking to Reddit a frustrated member asked for help with their own condensation problem.

They wrote: “Are you wiping the condensation off your windows every morning?

“Just wondering if anyone else joins me in this wet ritual on the daily.

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“I’ve tried dehumidifier boxes but they fill up in 3 days.”

The mum was first to jump in with her cheap hack that she swears by – and it won’t cost you much at all.

She wrote: “I have just filled my window ledges with moisture loving plants and leave it to nature 😃 and I have noticed it clears faster and have considerably less mould on my old metal window frames since doing it.”

For those wondering which moisture loving plants they should be opting for any that are used to damp or boggy soil should do the trick.

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