I’m an air fryer queen – 3 things you should NEVER put it yours and why cheese could even make you sick | The Sun

AS the cold nights draw in, many of us will be relying on air fryers for winter warming recipes.

Before you get cooking though, you might want to rethink your meal plan as there are three common ingredient you shouldn’t put in an air fryer.

This top tip comes from Oregon-based influencer Nicole Jaques, who has amassed a huge following on TikTok thanks to her sage home and lifestyle advice.

In fact, the mum-of-two and grandmother has an entire series dedicated to the air fryer on the app.

While she regularly reaches for the device, Nicole has advised her 111,000 followers not too cook three common dishes in the air fryer and the first will shock you.

Unlike most of us who will add plenty of cheddar to every recipe, the influencer refuses to do this and told her fans never to air fry dishes with a lot of cheese on top.

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This isn’t about restricting calories either, with Nicole explaining her reasoning in the short clip.

She told her fans: “The cheese is going to melt before your item is cooked and create a huge gooey mess.”

Instead, the lifestyle influencer suggests adding sprinkled cheese to any recipe during the last two minutes to ensure your food is properly cooked and avoid potential food poisoning. Sadly, cheese wasn’t the only favourite which the influencer grilled.

Despite manufacturers claiming you can cook rice in air fryer, the simple dish is a big no-no for the TikToker.

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Though you might be annoyed about missing out on your homemade curry, there is also a very good reason for not resorting to an air fryer to save time.

“Even with the special insert, it never cooks evenly,” explained Nicole, advising people to use a traditional rice cooker instead.

If you don’t have this, you can still reduce the cooking time by soaking rice before you prepare it.

As the influencer came to the end of her video, she finished with a sweet treat: cream doughnuts.

It turns out that Nicole has banned the sweet treat from her air fryer, despite most recipes calling for doughnuts to be fried.

However, the lifestyle guru explained that she’d struggled to get the consistency right whenever she made the desert.

“The sour cream in their dense batter of sugar and flour is just a flop,” she revealed, recalling her own kitchen nightmare.

Whilst the video has gained over 780,000 views since it was uploaded, it seems the domestic goddess couldn’t help everyone.

One commenter even admitted to coming unstuck by cheese as they tried to air fry a pizza.

“I put a small pizza in it and it blew the pepperoni and cheese away,” they confessed, adding: “I heard strange sound. Thank God I was near it and turned it off.”

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Though it seems like user caught the device just in time, it’s a stark reminder of why certain things just won’t work in an air fryer.

You have been warned!

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