I'm a gypsy girl & there are five little known superstitions we believe – including two colours we'd never put together | The Sun

FROM not putting new shoes on the table to avoiding walking under a ladder, many of us have got superstitions that we believe.

But one gypsy woman has revealed the little-known superstitions her family or friends follow – from steering clear of red and white together to throwing away chipped plates.

In the clip shared to TikTok (@cuzinsuzy92), Suzy begins by discussing peacock feathers.

"We don't have anything peacock-related," she explains. "We don't like the pattern, the colours…it's just bad luck.

"I would never in a million years put anything peacock-wise up in my home."

Next up, she goes on to share how men do something called "luck money."



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She explains: "So when a traveller man buys something from another traveller man, they always give back luck money.

"So, for example, if my brother went to another traveller man and bought, say, a car, the traveller man that's selling the car would always give the other man buying some luck money back.


"So whether it be £10, £20, whatever it is, £50, and they always give him luck money.

"I'm not sure why – it's just always been a thing within our family and I know a lot of traveller men do the same thing."

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Another superstition Suzy's family have is to do with chipped plates and cups.

"For some reason, I was brought up to believe that chipped plates and cups are bad luck.

"I don't know why…I don't think I have a chipped cup or a plate here, I just get rid of them."

Suzy goes on to say that another old one that she doesn't believe is to do with the putting two colours together.

"Putting red and white together resembles blood and bandages or something like that…," she explains.

"Another one is you don't feed a fire. So for example, you don't put any kind of food whatsoever on a fire.

"Not cooking wise, but I mean if you throw it into the fire, you just don't do it because it's feeding the devil.

"So yeah, you don't do that, it's bad Luck."

The video has since gone viral, racking up thousands of views and several comments from social media users, with many eager to share their own superstitions.

"Writing in RED pen was always bad luck Duno why my family told me this but I’ve never wrote in red pen lol," wrote one.

A second penned: "Someone once told me that children under 12 months shouldn't see themselves in mirrors that it's bad luck for the child."

A third commented: "As a country girl I can relate like luck money, putting new/any shoes on a table, feeding the fire or if a robin flies into the house it means a death is about to occur with a family member or loved one."

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Omg my mum bought me up saying never to put red and white together as it’s blood and bandages."

And a further chimed in: "This is so interesting. My mum was Anglo Irish non traveller,we we believed no chipped crockery & no new shoes on the table too."

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