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IF you’ve got mould growing in your home and aren’t sure how to get rid of it – fear not, we’ve got you covered.

So if you are fed up with mould popping up in your home, then you’ll want to listen up and take notes. 

Maddy Kate, a cleaning enthusiast, took to social media to reveal the cheap buy that she swears by for banishing mould.

And don’t worry, according to Maddy, using this cheap B&Q buy is so easy, as the mould “comes straight off.” 

Sharing her advice online, Maddy said: “If you struggle with mould I highly recommend this [HG mould spray] from B&Q.

“We get quite bad mould behind one of the wardrobes because air can’t circulate around it, so every now and then over the winter we have to pull the wardrobe out to give the skirting board and wall a clean.”

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Maddy then showed off her skirting boards, which had dark mould growing all over them.

The cleaning fan gave the mould a quick spray with her bargain buy and then used a cloth to wipe it away.

Seconds later, the mould was nowhere to be seen and the skirting boards looked as good as new.

She continued: “I used to hate this but it's become an easy job since we tried this spray.

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“You just spray it on and then wipe it down and it comes straight off!”

Maddy later beamed: “This is the best mould spray I’ve ever tried! 

“Makes one of my least favourite chores so much easier.

“I got it from B&Q and it’s about £5!” 

If you fancy giving this HG mould spray a try, you can nab a bottle from a variety of different high-street chains.

It is just £3.68 from Tesco and only £6 from B&Q. 

The savvy woman later confirmed: “Also I think there might be bleach in it so I always protect the carpet with an old towel and use an old cloth to wipe.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @maddykate01, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 48,100 views.

One person said: “Got it today, definitely works.”

Another added: “It is good but wear a mask as it smells bad and you really don’t want to inhale it.”

Meanwhile, many other cleaning fans took to the comments to share the products they use to banish mould.

One user recommended: “Astonish one's also really good. And only a pound.” 

A second chimed in: “I use Cillit Bang mould spray and it's amazing. it's about half the price of this too.”

In response, Maddy replied: “I’ve tried that one and did really like it, but I have found this one lasts a little longer. 

Whilst someone else wrote: “It’s just the bleach that removed it, you can get super cheap bleach, dilute with a bit of water if you want then dab it with a cloth job done.” 

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Meanwhile, another cleaning fan posted: “Kilrock mould spray is just as good and cheaper.” 

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