How to get rid of spiders: Pest expert shares £2 product that works instantly and deters creepy crawlies | The Sun

A PEST expert has shared his top tip on how to keep creepy crawlies out of your house – and it’s so easy. 

The man took to his social media account to explain how the hack works as he stood outside a window. 

Dressed in a grey hoodie with matching joggers, he told viewers: “It’s that time of the year where all the insects living in your garden try to make their way inside. 

Picking up a blue scan, he then shared that there’s an easy way to prevent this from happening. 

“But did you know, WD-40 can put a stop to that,” he said. 

The man then sprayed a good amount of the product onto an orange cloth before wiping it around all the windows. 


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He continued: “It’s worth giving it a wipe underneath the sills too.”

“Anywhere you’re worried creepy crawlies might find their way inside, wipe some WD-40,” TikTok user @wd40_uk added.

In the caption, he wrote: “Keep Insects Away!” Followed by a red stop sign emoji. 

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “Is WD40 used for absolutely everything and just thought it was for spraying on squeaky hinges”.

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Another shared: “it's actually what it made for WD stands for Water Displacement, 40th formula, it prevent rust and corrosion and water slides off”.

A third joked: “Unfortunately for me there’s a big spider that lives on my WD-40 can in the shed.”

While a fourth added: “I use peppermint spray round the windows and doors work brilliant xx”. 

According to House Digest, applying WD-40 where you’ve seen critters inside your home can “help get rid of them for good” too. 

They explain: “Spray a small amount in areas where they are typically located, but also take a walk around the exterior of your home, looking for any signs of cracks. 

“It does not take much room for a spider (and most other pests) to make their way inside through these holes. 

“Spraying WD-40 into those cracks can help minimise their ability to enter.” 

Meanwhile, Country Living revealed that they made their own natural repellent by mixing water with peppermint oil. 

They explained that it’s not toxic to spiders but will keep them out for good.


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An extra step you can also take is to add peppermint plants to the outskirts of your house to further deter them from coming around. 

What hack do you swear by? 

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