Rodin Cars' FZERO Prototype Makes Its Track Debut

New Zealand-based automotive manufacturer, Rodin Cars, has officially completed the first track test for its FZERO prototype — a significant next step for the closed-cockpit 1,000 hp plus hypercar, since its unveiling last year.

The FZERO’s inaugural run on the company’s dedicated test track symbolizes a major leap forward for Rodin Cars. Following the success of their FZED single-seat track car, the FZERO project stands as a testament to its escalating ambitions in the world of high-performance automobiles. Designed and built in Rodin Cars’ facility near Mount Lyford, the FZERO incorporates three specially designed test circuits and a production unit.

David Dicker, a technology billionaire, racing enthusiast, and the designer behind Rodin Cars, personally piloted the FZERO on its first run. Following the run, he expressed “While thereโ€™s a long road ahead of testing and development, running the FZERO for the first time gives me immense pride in what everyone at Rodin Cars has achieved in bringing this program to life. The test went very well and we were able to work through our program. Weโ€™re excited as the FZERO project enters its next phase. It really is a car like no other.”

Through the FZERO, Rodin Cars hopes to redefine performance standards, directly challenging other track-only hypercars from leading manufacturers. Powered by a bespoke twin-turbocharged 4.0L V10 engine, named “RC.TEN,” the FZERO boasts an impressive 1,013 hp at 9500rpm.

Notably, the development and manufacturing of the RC.TEN engine has been completed in-house at Rodin Cars, with plans to offer it as a crate motor for other motorsport applications. The company also announced that the RC.TEN engine will be showcased at the upcoming Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis.
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