Nicki Minaj's First Album in Five Years, 'Pink Friday 2,' Is Here

After a long, five-year wait, Nicki Minaj has released her newest album Pink Friday 2.

The sequel to her 2010 debut album Pink Friday, the new record clocks in at an hour and 10 minutes with a total of 22 tracks. The artists enlists Billie Eilish for “Are You Gone Already,” Lil Wayne and Tate Kobang for “RNB,” J. Cole for “Let Me Calm Down,” Drake for “Needle,” Lil Uzi Vert for “Everybody” and more. As the predecessor to her first ever album, Pink Friday 2 is a testament to Minaj’s power that catapulted her into the spotlight over a decade ago. Being a veteran in the game hasn’t made her lazy — if anything, she sounds just as hungry and creative as she was when “Super Bass” took the world by storm. Minaj is able to concoct the right balance and formula of wordplay, cadence and all-around attitude in this hard-hitting record, further solidifing her legacy and impact.

Stream Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 on Spotify.

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