PS Plus Extra September line-up offers 16 free games and a lot of Star Ocean

For some reason, the PS Plus catalogue is getting no less than five Star Ocean games, amid another lacklustre batch of retro games.

While PlayStation fans are still waiting for Sony to announce that rumoured September State of Play, the company has officially revealed which games it’s adding to the PlayStation Plus catalogue for Extra and Premium subscribers this month.

The ever reliable billbil-kun already leaked six of them a couple of days ago, all of which have proven to be correct.

The full line-up, however, consists of 16 games in total, although it remains to be seen if subscribers think this helps justify the recent price hike for PS Plus.

Looking at the line-up ourselves, it’s a pretty good one. The number of games wouldn’t matter if none of them were good, but the leak set things up strongly with the likes of NieR Replicant and Civilization 6.

The full reveal throws in other solid choices like Planet Coaster, one of the best theme park sims of recent years, and the daring if incredibly bleak This War Is Mine.

There are a couple of less enticing picks, though, with a tie-in game for the Paw Patrol movie and the absolutely dreadful Contra: Rogue Corps.

PS Plus Extra/Premium games for September

NieR Replicant – PS4
13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim – PS4
Civilization 6 – PS4
Star Ocean: The Divine Force – PS4/PS5
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 – PS4/PS5
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir – PS4/PS5
Unpacking – PS4/PS5
Planet Coaster: Console Edition – PS4/PS5
This War Of Mine: Final Cut – PS5
Cloudpunk – PS4/PS5
Contra: Rogue Corps – PS4
Tails Noir – PS4/PS5
Call Of The Sea – PS4/PS5
West Of Dead – PS4
Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness – PS4
PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls – PS4/PS5

Also, for some reason, Sony is going all in on Star Ocean this month. Aside from including the most recent entry, Star Ocean: The Divine Force, it’s adding 2016’s Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness… which would be fine if either game was any good.

On top of that, the additions to the Premium-only classics catalogue continues to mystify us, as three out of four of them are just more Star Ocean games. Those being:

  • Star Ocean First Departure R – the PlayStation 4 port of the PlayStation Portable remake of the first game
  • Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time – the PS4 HD conversion of the 2004 PlayStation 2 game
  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope – the PS4 remaster of the 2010 PlayStation 3 game

The only other addition is Dragon’s Crown Pro, another remastered PlayStation 4 port from 2018, as opposed to any fan favourite retro games from the PlayStation 1 days.

All the aforementioned games are scheduled to arrive next week on September 19.

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