Elena Velez SS24 Explores the Duality of Womanhood

Elena Velez converted a Brooklyn warehouse into a mud-filled swamp to appropriately showcase her Spring/Summer 2024 collection that looks to permeate society’s saturated view on womanhood. Donning an array of neutral-toned textured, layered pieces, Velez’s “antiheroes” made their way down the muddy runway looking to impress no one.

“The universe I strive to create through this brand has always been one which reinforces a creative space to have complex, dualistic, and paradoxical conversations about womanhood,” Velez conveys in a statement. “It feels to me like the sanitization and unilateralization of womanhood in popular culture today leaves no room for the nuance and multiplicity we deserve as architects of labyrinthine interior lives.”

This is exactly what Velez taps into in her latest collection; being a woman isn’t always pretty โ€“ in fact, it’s usually very much not. With this authenticity at the forefront, Velez curates a cohesive array of pieces that imbue the chaos and complexity of womanhood and motherhood as well. The collection’s pieces were crafted from an array of materials. In addition to traditional fabrics spanning linen, cotton, denim and silicone latex, more non-conventional mediums were at play as well, including animal hairs, pelts and debris.

See Elena Velez’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection in the gallery above, and stay tuned to Hypebeast for more New York Fashion Week coverage.
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