Gillette and Razer Team Up on Limited Edition Product Launch and New “Feel Sharp, Play Sharp” Platform

Gillette and popular lifestyle gaming company Razer come together to highlight the worlds of grooming and gaming through a platform they call “Feel Sharp, Play Sharp.” As part of the collab, Gillette will release a limited-edition series of Razer-branded GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar products. A shaving set consisting of a handle, razor blades and magnetic stand boasts Razer’s signature design codes and motifs such as its triple-headed snake logo. Ultimately, the collaborative kit represents Razer and Gillette’s knack for innovation and use of technology, which has made both brands premier names in the cultures of grooming and gaming. With a focus on optimal performance, the kit is meant for giving the best and closest shave gamers can achieve. A well-groomed lifestyle alongside Gillette and Razer means staying focused and sharp, whether taking on daily tasks or playing intense rounds of video games alone or with friends.

The special edition Gillette x Razer handle features the gaming brand’s signature green tones and triple-headed snake logo artwork in a translucent pattern. The razor set also comes with a magnetic stand that reads “For Gamers,By Gamers.” Additionally, the limited edition razor is designed with built-in exfoliating technology that removes dirt and unwanted debris, leaving you with soft skin from every stroke. The whole set provides a truly effortless grooming experience.

Gillette and Razer’s “Feel Sharp, Play Sharp,” is also more than just the rollout of limited edition products. The platform also highlights innovation through IRL activations, whether it’s fans engaging with both brands and gaming events around the world or gamers experiencing campaigns through the Gillette Gaming Alliance roster of streamers and Razer influencers. The initiative is truly a way for gamers to connect through the grooming lifestyle.

“We’re thrilled to elevate the shaving and gaming experience through this exciting venture, marking a new step for us in gaming culture,” said Daniel Ordonez, Global Brand Franchise Leader for Gillette. “Gamers worldwide will enjoy our latest collaboration – the perfect combination of form, function, and design.”

“After Razer Razer was introduced on April Fool’s Day, we’ve been inundated with requests to design one. We’re excited to give our fans what they asked for,” explained Ayesha Durante, VP, Global Head of Marketing at Razer. “This collaboration between two powerhouses has resulted in a co-created design, featuring the best of Razer and Gillette, with a focus on quality and performance.”

The Gillette and Razer limited edition razor is set to start rolling out worldwide in August on Gillette’s website and at select stores.
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