Tyson Fury’s dad reveals heartbreaking reason behind boxer’s name

John Fury has opened up about naming his boxing sensation of a son, Tyson.

Currently, Tyson Fury, 35, carries the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight belt, after pummelling and ultimately dethroning American bruiser Deontay Wilder back in 2020.

According to his father, 59, who spoke to BBC Sport two years prior to his son's incredible achievement, Tyson was born five weeks premature and could even fit in the palm of his hand. Regardless of his size, though, John knew he was a "special human being".

"Tyson was an unexpected pregnancy, given we had lost several children between him and his eldest brother," he said. "We were just hoping we could bring life and keep it in the world.

"He came into the world, had breathing difficulties – no-one was optimistic. I could put him in the palm of my hand and looking at him I thought 'this is a strange encounter with life'. I had this tremendous feeling.

"I sat with him day and night, kept playing with him, working his little legs and arms, talking to him," John further recalled.

"There was something about him. It's a weird thing I am trying to describe and it must be hard to comprehend – but when I put my hand on his small frame I could literally feel the life in him. I thought 'you're a special human being'. I remember he would be lying on his back and have his fists up high. When I think about where he has been and where he has got to, extraordinary things have happened."

Regardless of the professional pessimism from doctors, John believed that Tyson would fight for his life and landed on a perfect name.

"I told them God was looking down on him. I said, 'He’ll be alright. He will be 7ft, 20 stone and heavyweight champion of the world.' And I named him Tyson, after Mike Tyson."

Nicknamed 'Iron Mike' for his rock-hard persona in and out of the boxing ring, the iconic 57 year old still holds the record for youngest-ever heavyweight champion – having despatched Trevor Berbick at just 20.

Meanwhile, John made headlines himself this week after losing his cool at son Tommy Fury's fight press conference at Wembley Arena – flipping tables and beating his chest infront of the press and civilian attendees.

In an apology video, he shared: "It was unacceptable, I accept that. Emotions run high, we get involved and it is the fight game, it was pandemonium. But let me sincerely apologise for my outburst of language. I wasn't alone in doing it, but I wanna come out and apologise because I feel it's appropriate to make that apology to the people who came to the press conference and the viewing audience.

"I sincerely apologise and I'll try and improve, but people this is John Fury, this is my character, this is who I am. I'm a real person, I'm not a fake person, nothing's scripted, it just happens when it happens. But again, I apologise for my inappropriate language and if I've offended anybody I'm deeply sorry. See you next time."

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