‘Heartstopper’ Creator Alice Oseman Is Already Working on Season 3, Talks Deviating From Comics

Heartstopper season two may have only been out for nearly a week, but the next season is already in the works!

The hit teen romantic drama was picked up for two more seasons after the success of the first season, and is of course based on the web comic series by Alice Oseman, who also writes the show.

In a recent interview about the show, Alice teased that they are currently in the midst of working on writing the third season!

“I’ve started writing it right now. It’s very much underway. We did not expect to get a season 3 renewal at the same time as season 2 because that’s quite rare, to be honest,” Alice told EW.

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“What that did do is it gave us more time to think about what’s gonna happen in season 3. I could set things up safely in season 2 knowing that we would be able to get to it in season 3, which is not a luxury that I had in season 1,” they continued. “I really wanted season 1 to feel like it had an ending just in case we didn’t get any more. There’s truly nothing I hate more than a show that gets canceled on a cliffhanger.”

Alice also talked about deviating from the story in the comics a bit and being able to add in more to the story.

“I’m always very committed to preserving what is in the comics and making sure all the big, exciting moments are in the show, but honestly, there is just so much extra space around that to do whatever we want,” they shared.

“Now that we’ve got seasons 1 and 2, we’ve had so much development for the supporting cast: Tao, Elle, Tara, Isaac, even new characters like Imogen. There’s so much new stuff that gives us so much to play with in season 3,” Alice added. “I feel very comfortable letting the show be its own thing. In my mind, the show and the comic feel very separate, although it’s quite a faithful adaptation. I feel excited to get to expand Heartstopper for the show.”

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