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A FORMER flight attendant has revealed the real reason holidaymakers should stop pressing the overhead button.

Some passengers assume that the call button is there so cabin crew members can fulfil their every need, but this isn't actually the case.

In an article in the Metro, former flight attendant Daisy White has revealed why passengers should stop using the overhead button every "five seconds".

She said: "Troublemakers are spotted almost immediately and your reputation will spread.

"Then, if you have a genuine emergency, or really do need something, you are less likely to get a quick response."

In recent months, flight attendants have complained about passengers who use the call button for the wrong reasons.

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TikTok user Natalie, who is known as yogimagee on the social media platform, revealed that some passengers push the button when they're bored.

She said: "People ring the call button right when we get in the air, and I go over and I'm like: 'Yes, can I help you', and this one lady told me her daughter was bored right when we took off."

Meanwhile, other passengers push the button at awkward times during a flight.

In a video on TikTok, former flight attendant Kat Kamalani added: "This drives flight attendants absolutely bonkers when you hit your flight attendant call light button if we are on the tarmac, or going up or going down on the aircraft.

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"The reason being it is a huge safety issue for us, and we could get injured, and the same with you guys."

Instead of using the call button at every available opportunity, it should only be used when there's a genuine need – otherwise, you may be stuck with rubbish service.

If you want to brush up on your travel manners, here are some etiquette rules to follow when you're in the air.

Over the years, several flight attendants have warned passengers against going to the bathroom without shoes on for this reason.

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