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DEALING with other passengers is one of many annoying aspects of flying.

Not everyone on board the plane wants to do the same things at the same time, creating arguments between those in the same row.

However, there are unwritten rules that people should be aware of, whenever they get on board a plane.

By sticking to those rules, passengers can create a nice environment on board the aircraft, preventing problems from arising.

One very common mid-air argument revolves around the use of personal reading lights, or electronic devices that light up the cabin.

Typically, when the flight attendants dim the lights, the idea is that the cabin should be kept as dark as possible, so window blinds should also be closed at that point.

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While the most common thing for passengers to do at that point is go to sleep, not everyone is always in the mood for a nap.

Some instead will want to read, or watch films on their laptops or on the plane's seatback screens.

They're perfectly entitled to do that, but they should always pay attention to the lighting in the cabin and try their best to blend in as well as they can.

That's according to travel experts at Stuff NZ, who suggested that dimming screen brightness is always a courteous option for anyone who wants to watch a film.

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They said: "Take your cue from the flight attendants. When they extinguish the cabin lights, lower your light source as well. Close the window shade and, if you're watching a movie, dim the brightness."

There are other ways passengers can reduce the amount of light they emit during flights, with the plane's reading lights.

Some people like to turn the lights on in spare seats next to them, which is a pretty inconsiderate move.

Stuff continued: "If you are surrounded by empty seats, don't switch on all the lights and turn your row into a floodlit concert arena."

They recommend a clip-on reading light for those who need additional lighting.

However, even in the dark passengers can keep each other awake, by listening to music too loudly.

The advice to prevent that from happening is to "keep the volume down" and to "invest in some quality headphones" that will reduce noise leaks.

Wearing headphones is such an important part of flying now, with flight attendants regularly having to deal with passengers who play music out loud in the cabin.

Sun Online Travel's resident flight attendant explained how much they dislike people who do that.

They said: "It's one of the rudest things people do on our flights – it's terrible behaviour.

"I get that people are going on their holidays and want to get in the spirit, but you can hold off for the flight and get excited once they've landed.

"Not everyone is flying for the same reason – some people might be heading home for a funeral, while others might even be scared of flying.

"We also get people on board who are sensitive to loud noises – they certainly don't want to be listening to your music blaring out.

"So please, be considerate and just think about how many other people there are on the plane other than yourself."

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Meanwhile, these are the types of headphones you should never wear on planes.

And this is why headphones could also get you in trouble during a flight.

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