The £1 miracle item First Dates' Fred Siriex never travels without – that can stop thieves, fix shoes & mend bags | The Sun

NEXT time you're packing your suitcase, there's one item from home that you should always bring with you – according to one TV star.

Known for his role on the Channel 4 show First Dates, Fred Sirieix has revealed the one item he never travels without.

Fred told Sun Online Travel: "I can't travel anywhere without my floss."

Floss has long been touted as a must-have by experienced travellers, as it's tiny and can be used in a number of holiday emergencies.

For instance, as an extra-strong sewing thread on luggage instead of cables ties and padlocks, to stop thieves breaking into your bags.

Travel magazine Escape said of the pocket-sized household item: "Dental floss is the best thing for emergency repairs. It cannot be broken, only cut.

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"[It can be used to] replace shoelaces, stitch up torn zips on suitcases, to attach the hinge arm of your glasses as it will fit through the screw hole, sewing on buttons and many other unexpected problems."

Since becoming a household name, Fred has also hosted other TV programmes including The World Cook and Remarkable Places to Eat.

Another one of Fred's travel tips includes making sure he always has the right vaccinations.

The TV presenter is backing a campaign called Beware of the Bugs, which encourages people to understand the potential health risks and diseases in foreign countries.

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He said: "It wasn’t until I started travelling more for my TV work that I realised how destinations you might think are totally safe can actually present some serious health risks.

"Mosquitoes can carry serious diseases – so anywhere mosquitoes are prevalent, and that is changing, you need to be particularly careful."

As part of the campaign, Fred has been urging holidaymakers to check their vaccine requirements before travelling – even if they think they're safe.

Fred isn't the only celeb who has items that he can't travel without, with Henry Golding recently explaining why he always packs hotel slippers in his suitcase.

And, a former hotel manager has revealed the gross reason holidaymakers should pack their toothbrush away when it isn't being used.

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