Pilot's 'shocking' video reveals how close planes fly to each other

Passengers are terrified after pilot’s video reveals how close planes REALLY fly to each other

  • A pilot has unearthed a new fear in TikTokers after showing how close planes fly
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When you’re 35,000 feet up in the air, it can be difficult to imagine being accompanied by anything other than clouds. 

Whether you enjoy the experience of flying or not, the sky seems to stretch forever – devoid of all other life. 

But one pilot has unearthed a new fear in passengers by showing just how close planes fly next to each other. 

The pilot, known online as @flyhigh738, terrified TikTokers after revealing footage of close-by planes while up in the air. 

A TikToker and pilot has sparked a new fear in passengers after revealing how close planes actually fly next to each other 

The pilot showed some 3,000 followers that the plane in front of him was as close as 1000 feet away

Sharing the video to his 3,026 followers, the pilot wrote: ‘When you travel by plane and think the sky is so big that you’re alone up there,’ while showing an ostensibly clear sky. 

Moving the camera to reveal another plane in the air, the pilot said:  ‘But you’re actually almost always flying so so close to other planes.’

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The pilot likened the footage to a ‘kind of motorway in the sky,’ which he said is what occurs when following ‘standard airways’. 

According to BAA Training: ‘Commercial aircraft flying below 29,000 feet must maintain a vertical separation of 1,000 feet.

‘Any higher and the separation increases to 2,000 feet, except in airspace where Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) applies.’ 

The pilot revealed that the plane was as close as 1000 feet away, and asked: ‘Beautiful, isn’t it?’ to which he received a mixed response. 

Since it was posted, the now-viral video has gained close to 770,000 views and has raked in hundreds of mixed responses. 

One rather blunt user wrote: ‘No that looks terrifying.’

Asking his TikTok followers ‘Beautiful, isn’t it?’ the pilot has sparked very mixed reactions in people

To which the pilot responded: ‘Why is that terrifying? It’s so fascinating seeing other planes flying around you up there. 

One user commented: ‘Information I did not need to know… scary and impressive,’ another added: ‘Too close for me.’

One person wrote: ‘Been flying all of my life but the older I get the more unnatural I think it is to fly through the air at 35000 feet in a tube.’ 

One curious passenger asked: ‘And you don’t flash your lights at each other like truckers or buses etc?!’

To which the pilot responded: ‘We do sometimes, but at night!’ 

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